Local Government

Ten Columbia boards and commissions have openings

The Columbia City Clerk will accept applications for 20 vacancies until noon on June 3.

Form-based zoning discussed at Columbia public forum

City officials, representatives from planning and development groups and members of the public came together to discuss a different method for zoning.

Public shows support for proposed signal at Nifong and Peachtree

The approval process will continue with a public hearing and direction from the Columbia City Council.

Boone Hospital Center opens time capsules on 90th anniversary

Boone Hospital Center trustees opened time capsules early Tuesday assembled to commemorate the hospital's founding, its 60th and its 75th anniversary.

City Council rejects East Campus upzoning request

The Columbia City Council voted to reject a request that would have allowed two East Campus houses to house four unrelated residents instead of three.

Public event coming to discuss signal at Nifong and Peachtree

The Columbia Public Works Department will hold an open house event regarding the proposed traffic light at the intersection, which has been the site of numerous accidents.

Columbia City Council to discuss proposed budget for Maplewood Barn

A proposed $350,000 budget and a design plan that follows the same exterior style as the original Maplewood Barn will be discussed.

Mary Lehmann: Regency Hotel's only, and probably last, permanent resident

For $30 a night, Mary Lehmann, 85, lives in a 10-by-15 foot hotel room that overlooks Columbia. But her tiny living space doesn't limit her opportunities to be vocal about issues in the community.

Fifth and Walnut garage lighting discussed at meeting

The Environment and Energy Commission talked about the brightness of LED lights in the parking garage at its meeting Tuesday night.

Successful Columbia candidates used same campaign management firm

Progressive Political Partners LLC helped three candidates run successful campaigns. These candidates spent more than $50,000 combined.

Residents weigh in on planning Columbia's future

Members of the Comprehensive Plan Task Force met with residents to discuss Columbia Imagined.

Columbia Police enact warrant round-up

The goal is to serve the warrants for serious offenses.

Columbia Imagined forum to be held Wednesday night

The forum will discuss the first of six phases in planning the city's new comprehensive plan.

New city manager Matthes begins first day

Columbia's new city manager Mike Matthes will be officially sworn in at 7 p.m., but he began working this morning.

City suspends design work on Short Street garage

Concerns were raised at the April 18 City Council meeting about the city spending money on a garage design “without adequate assurance that the hotel project will be constructed,” a memo sent to the council on Thursday stated.

New farmers market proposed for Columbia

If approved by City Council, the new market would be located between the J.W. "Blind" Boone Community Center and the Annie Fisher Food Pantry. The request is expected to be approved.

New city manager Mike Matthes makes move to Columbia

After a successful career in Des Moines, Iowa, the new city manager brings talent and experience to Columbia.

Former city manager Bill Watkins to manage Riback Supply Co.

The former city manager will be the top manager of Riback Supply Co. and will start work in August. He officially left his position in March, and the new city manager is scheduled to begin next week.

Public transportation first task for youth coalition in advising Columbia city government

The Youth Community Coalition, newly designed as a formal advisory body to the Columbia City Council, is conducting a survey to collect input from Columbia youths on public transportation

Callaway County judge finds probable cause in Maylee case

After several law enforcement officials gave testimonies, Associate Circuit Judge Carol England ruled there was probable cause that Joshua Maylee committed a felony.