Local Government

Video arraignments will be made available in Boone County courts

The video arraignments will cut down on lost man hours in the Columbia Police Department, which has assumed transportation duties to municipal courts because of staff shortages in the Sheriff's Department, officials say.

MKT could play important role in Columbia ward reapportionment

Only one of the five boundary maps brought before City Council on Monday fits the city charter requirement that wards be contiguous.

Columbia city workers' pension funds have nearly $118 million shortfall

The city pension funds that support police officers, firefighters, utility workers and other Columbia employees are lacking $117.8 million that will be needed to pay out benefits.

Clark Lane reconstruction to continue into second phase

The Columbia City Council passed a motion Monday night to allow for bids on the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of St. Charles Road and Clark Lane. 

Columbia Transit fare increases approved; service cuts scaled back

After months of debate, the transit budget for fiscal 2012 was approved by the Columbia City Council in front of a large crowd of interested residents.

Ward committee chairman presents reapportionment process report to City Council

The committee's work is complete, and the task of deciding how to redistrict the ward now lies to the council.

City Council approves Red Bull chariot race

The council unanimously voted to allow the closure of a section of Ninth Street for the promotional event Oct 1. 

GUIDE: Understanding the Columbia Transit debate

Tonight's City Council meeting will address, among other topics, the 2012 transit system budget. Are you up to speed?

City Council approves grant for urban ecology restoration project

The Columbia City Council approved a grant that would help the city create a sustainable wetland and reuse water from storm and ground runoff.

City Council scheduled to vote on proposed budget

Months of work on the $430 million city budget for fiscal 2012 are scheduled to come to a close Monday after the City Council holds a final public hearing on the spending plan.

Boone County Commission seeks to form charter government

Boone County residents will have the opportunity next April to vote on the creation of a committee to draft a charter for the development of a home rule system of county government.

Bus contracts with student apartments cost Columbia thousands of dollars

Columbia Transit is losing thousands of dollars through contracts with apartment complexes that give students free rides.

Columbia City Council members ride bus with constituents, discuss changes

Two City Council members join riders on the city buses to gain perspective about what needs to be done to improve the system and listen to concerns.

Boone County recorder releases Android app

The Boone County Recorder of Deeds office has made available a new Android app that allows residents to access real estate records from their mobile devices. 

Park users express opinions for improving Twin Lakes Recreation Area

Twin Lakes Recreation Area park users attended a Thursday night meeting to suggest ways for the city to use the $250,000 budgeted for the park improvements. Suggestions included building a public swimming pool and improving the dog park.

Citizens Police Review Board proposal remains unchanged, moves to City Council

The board's proposal will be sent to the Columbia City Council on Thursday. The council will act upon the proposal during future meetings.

Parks Department to host discussion of Twin Lakes projects

The city has budgeted $250,000 for work at the park. The meeting will allow the public to voice any thoughts or concerns about the planned renovations to the park.

Neighborhood associations react to Ward Reapportionment Committee meeting

Some neighborhood associations were disappointed that the Ward Reapportionment Committee split its vote on Trial D, which has been criticized for possibly diluting the power of minority voters in the central city.

Columbia's Ward Reapportionment Committee prepares plans for City Council

The committee voted favorably on Trial E, which would expand the First Ward to the west.

Labor groups present proposals to City Council about wages, bargaining

Groups representing workers for the Water and Light, Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments and Columbia police officers have been negotiating with city officials since May.