Local Government

Columbia residents split on Forum Boulevard trail plans

Columbia Public Works Department unveiled plans Thursday for a million-dollar trail that would branch from the MKT trail and run parallel to Forum Boulevard.

Majority of Violence Task Force members absent from meeting

S. David Mitchell spoke to the seven members of the Mayor's Task Force on Community Violence in attendance, but with eight of the members missing, the task force didn't officially meet.

Columbia City Council approves asphalt shoulders for Clark Lane

In a 6-1 vote, Columbia City Council approved installing paved asphalt shoulders on Clark Lane to provide safe pedestrian travel. The lanes will be narrowed by a foot on each side to create the 6-foot-wide shoulders, resulting in a widening of the road by 5 feet.

Albert-Oakland Park, smart meters to be discussed at council meeting

The meeting will include public hearings for improvements to Albert-Oakland Park and Garth Avenue and reports on smart meters and tree preservation.

New Community Services Department will manage Boone County health and social services funds

Revenue from the quarter-cent children's services sales tax will be a major focus of the department.

Associate Circuit Judge Larry Bryson to retire at year's end

Bryson's retirement will come after 28 years on the bench.

Columbia City Council candidates' nominating petitions published

Four candidates' petitions certified by city, county clerk.

Columbia Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission supports brick streets resolution

The resolution outlines plans for maintaining Columbia's historic brick streets and potentially uncovering brick streets that are now paved.

Judge rules Missouri cities don't have to refund taxes paid by AT&T customers

The customers filed a class action lawsuit against the cities to get a refund for the taxes they weren't supposed to be paying.

Missouri highway commission suspends new construction projects under two programs

Eleven projects already planned in Boone County will move forward after the suspensions.

Columbia Council approves new renewable energy standards, radon system

In a vote of 5 to 2 the City Council increased renewable energy standards, but Mayor Bob McDavid dissented and predicted the city would reach a cost ceiling before meeting the standards.

Columbia Council passes bill to streamline permit process for special events

The Columbia City Council voted on Monday to approve a bill that would streamline the application process for special events downtown. Those seeking to close downtown streets may have permits issued without a council vote.

Nominations being accepted for Lang Volunteer Award

Nominations are being accepted for the 2014 Lang Volunteer Award. It recognizes an outstanding volunteer for his or her contributions to the City of Columbia and its programs.

City approves playground funding for four elementary schools

In fiscal year 2014, $25,000 will be split between playgrounds at Parkade, Fairview, Russell Boulevard and New Haven elementary schools.

Columbia City Council passes resolution calling for Medicaid expansion

The council passed a nonbinding resolution that expresses support for Medicaid expansion, saying the expansion would improve the health of Missouri families, reduce the costs of health care access and save and create thousands of jobs across the state.

Columbia City Council sets date for public hearing on paved shoulders for Clark Lane

Jan. 21 will be the date of a public hearing on proposed paved shoulders on Clark Lane. The cost of the plan has increased since it was first introduced.

Task force seeks hard answers to tough questions

At its last meeting of the year, the Mayor's Task Force on Community Violence reflected on previous presentations and looked for ways it could get better answers to the difficult questions it has been proposing.

As CVS pushes ahead, Columbia considers its next move

In its Oct. 21 session, the Columbia City Council denied CVS Pharmacy's proposal to rezone the southeast corner of Broadway and Providence Road for a new store. The company has signaled it will develop the land anyway.

Educators' presentation at task force revolves around truancy, poverty gap

The Mayor's Task Force on Community Violence sought advice from Columbia Public Schools to help the task force combat youth violence.

Columbia City Council approves Douglass Park improvement plan

Dozens of supporters of the plan for Douglass Park came to the council meeting Monday. The council approved the plan, and the first phase will be implemented with $100,000 in funding.