Local Government

New delay on red-light cameras affects Columbia project

Columbia's plan for a sixth red-light camera is on hold in the wake of a MoDOT freeze of new cameras on state highways.

Columbia Chamber of Commerce releases stance on November ballot issues

On Friday, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce provided a public statement regarding its stance on the TASER ban, Amendment 3 and the city parks sales tax extension.

Columbia police chief addresses local ACLU members

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton held a dialogue Friday night with a group that has often objected to police policies.  He spoke to the local chapter of the ACLU about several controversial subjects, including SWAT enforcement and the use of Tasers.

Weiss property to receive vote from City Council on Monday

The Weiss property is a 21.9 acre annexation and rezoning request that has followed the Richland Road proposal over the past two years.

City staff will not revisit Richland Road recommendation

Conflicting recommendations from the city staff and Planning and Zoning Commission will make it difficult for the City Council when it considers the Richland Road rezoning request.

Review board votes against creation of SWAT ordinance

The mandate would have required the police chief to notify City Council before changing SWAT team procedures.

Personal Tasers ban might become Second Amendment issue

Personal Tasers are defined as "arms" by the Supreme Court. If Proposition 2 passes, the ordinance could conflict with the Second Amendment.

State House candidates discuss social services at Columbia forum

Candidates were asked about nursing homes, habilitation centers and Medicaid.


Boone County presiding commissioner candidates face off in debate

Topics addressed during the debate include planning strategies, county budgeting practices and funding for social services and mental-health programs.

East Area Plan, Richland Road request differ on commercial development

With the East Area Plan in hand, the City Council will have to weigh the differences between its recommendations and plans for a large development along Richland Road.

Audrain County man pleads guilty to murdering drifter

Chad Michael Harvey pleaded guilty Tuesday to kidnapping and killing James William Boyd McNeely and then abandoning his body in December 2009.

Columbia City Council hears East Area Plan

The Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission did not send a representative to the council's work session Monday night. The council now must decide how the plan applies to the Richland Road rezoning request.

Columbia explores potential ban on advertising trucks

A truck displaying advertisements is raising objections from some members of the Columbia City Council, but others question whether to try to outlaw the practice.

Former position holders look back at presiding commissioner's job

Even though the job might not be well known through the community, the presiding commissioner's position has a rich history defined by constant meetings and bureaucracy. Ken Pearson will retire from the position at the end of the year.

Red Roof shooter pleads guilty to second-degree murder

Blake Logan pleaded guilty Thursday at a pretrial conference a day before the one-year anniversary of Nicole Crumby's murder..

P&Z will not advise about East Area Plan at work session

The commission felt its positions on the East Area Plan and Richland Road rezoning request were clear. The work session is the first time the City Council will consider the East Area plan. The commission voted twice not to recommend the Richland Road proposal to the council.

Sheriff Dwayne Carey wants officers to retain Tasers

Carey was a featured speaker at the Boone County Pachyderm Club's Tuesday meeting.  There, he urged voters to reject a proposition on the November ballot that would ban Tasers in Columbia.

Bill Watkins to retire after five years as city manager

City Manager Bill Watkins, with a total of 26 years of service to the city working in various positions, gave the Columbia City Council five months' notice of his retirement.

Boone Hospital expansion aids ER staff, patients

New emergency rooms and an expanded nurses station and waiting room are just a few of the improvements that came with the $1.8 million renovation.

Police chief against putting SWAT changes in ordinance

Making changes in SWAT raid policy a matter of city code would put an undue burden on his officers, Police Chief Ken Burton said.