Local Government

Presiding commissioner candidates lay out budget differences

The two candidates for the top job in Boone County government differ on the best way to budget, but auditors here and elsewhere say the current strategy is common.

Presiding commissioner candidates disagree on county officials' salaries

The job pays more than $80,000, a sum that Republican contender Ed Robb said is too high. Most Boone County officials make about $20,000 more on average than their counterparts in nine other First Class counties in Missouri.

For the first time, two appellate judges are from Columbia

Mark Pfeiffer and Karen Mitchell are eligible for election to 12-year terms on the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District.

Amendment 1 would require elected assessors in some counties

The ballot measure would amend the state constitution to require First Class counties with charter governments to elect their assessors, but its immediate impact would be minimal.

Missouri 21st District candidates have rural issues in mind

John Cauthorn is running for office to be a voice for agriculture and the Republican Party in the state House. Kelly Schultz wants to make a connection between legislators and voters.



Campaign donations for and against Proposition B increase as election nears

The pro-Proposition B group is far ahead of its main opponent in fundraising, but that might not be the best indicator of which side will win on Nov. 2.

City Council approves rezoning request at Stadium and Broadway

The property will be rezoned for the construction of a one-story office building.

Richland Road request heads back to Planning and Zoning

After a major revision by the developer late last week to the Richland Road rezoning request, the City Council decided to send it back to the Planning and Zoning Commission and consider it Dec. 6.

'College GameDay' will shake up MU Homecoming parade schedule

The Columbia City Council approved a request Monday to move the parade to noon. Typically, it begins at 8 a.m. on the Saturday of Homecoming. 

Richland Road rezoning request drops large regional commercial center

Developer David Atkins and his attorney Robert Hollis decided to drop the rezoning request for Tract 1, 90 acres of commercial development in the Richland Road proposal.

Stadium Boulevard extension funds are on the road to approval

The 1-70/Lake of the Woods interchange project will receive $1.5 million with the approval of Congress. The entire project is estimated to cost $133 million.

Presiding commissioner candidates file campaign finance reports

The business community came out strong for both candidates. J. Scott Christianson, though, raised almost twice as much money as Ed Robb.

Columbia selects new airport manager

Andrew Schneider, 27, was the airport manager in Jamestown, N.D. He will take over the Columbia airport on Nov. 8.

City Council to review soil pile ordinance Monday

The Planning and Zoning and the Energy and Environment commissions submitted a draft ordinance to the City Council that could regulate the height and location of soil piles.

When city meets county: Richland Road project would transform rural area

The proposed 271-acre development, which could be approved by the Columbia City Council on Monday night, would expand Columbia's borders to the east and force those looking for a rural lifestyle farther outside the city.

City of Columbia, SWAT members file response, counterclaim to complaint

The city of Columbia and the members of the SWAT team involved in a February raid filed their response and counterclaim to the complaint issued by the family whose home was raided.

New delay on red-light cameras affects Columbia project

Columbia's plan for a sixth red-light camera is on hold in the wake of a MoDOT freeze of new cameras on state highways.

Columbia Chamber of Commerce releases stance on November ballot issues

On Friday, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce provided a public statement regarding its stance on the TASER ban, Amendment 3 and the city parks sales tax extension.

Columbia police chief addresses local ACLU members

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton held a dialogue Friday night with a group that has often objected to police policies.  He spoke to the local chapter of the ACLU about several controversial subjects, including SWAT enforcement and the use of Tasers.

Weiss property to receive vote from City Council on Monday

The Weiss property is a 21.9 acre annexation and rezoning request that has followed the Richland Road proposal over the past two years.