Local Government

Columbia trying to go salt-only while MoDOT moves ahead with cinders

City and state officials said cinders are used during severe storms because they provide better traction and cinders save money because they don't cost anything.

St. Louis businessman Sinquefield makes last minute donations to local campaigns

Rep. Chris Kelly and Ed Robb both received donations from Rex Sinquefield.

Presiding commissioner candidates revive home rule charter debate

Under the current system, county officials rely on legislators to lobby the General Assembly for permission to take actions not spelled out in state statutes.


Missouri public defender offices continue turning away cases

Six regional public defender offices have refused new cases in the past several months after hitting maximum caseloads.

Deputy sheriff's fund not accessible by Boone County

Boone County contributes an excess of $100,000 annually to a state fund to boost deputy sheriff salaries but is unable to access that fund for its own office.

Citizens opposing and supporting Prop 2 make final push

With less than a week before the general election, law enforcement agencies and a group opposing Taser use are ramping up their arguments for and against.

Board gathers information on police misconduct complaint

The Citizens Police Review Board heard from five people about a complaint involving excessive force used by a police officer in December 2009 at Nephew's Night Life.

Where Missouri House candidates stand on higher education

Candidates for the 21st, 23rd and 24th districts explain their views on higher education funding in Missouri.

City of Columbia pays $90,000 in gender discrimination claim

A former landfill employee's lawsuit alleged women were not wanted there.

Highways and transportation are issues for House candidates

House candidates for the 21st, 23rd, and 24th Districts discuss their outlook for Missouri transportation and highways, both on local and statewide levels.

Surrounding states impose forms of real estate transfer taxes

Amendment 3, up for vote Tuesday, would prohibit the state of Missouri from charging a transfer tax on real estate when property changes hands.

Presiding commissioner candidates find common ground on economic incentives

Both candidates support the county's use of incentives to attract and retain business.

Proposal would place more restrictions on dog breeders

County Planning and Zoning recommends East Area Plan

The plan received a unanimous recommendation from the Boone County Planning and Zoning Commission on Thursday night.

Presiding commissioner candidates lay out budget differences

The two candidates for the top job in Boone County government differ on the best way to budget, but auditors here and elsewhere say the current strategy is common.

Presiding commissioner candidates disagree on county officials' salaries

The job pays more than $80,000, a sum that Republican contender Ed Robb said is too high. Most Boone County officials make about $20,000 more on average than their counterparts in nine other First Class counties in Missouri.

For the first time, two appellate judges are from Columbia

Mark Pfeiffer and Karen Mitchell are eligible for election to 12-year terms on the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District.

Amendment 1 would require elected assessors in some counties

The ballot measure would amend the state constitution to require First Class counties with charter governments to elect their assessors, but its immediate impact would be minimal.

Missouri 21st District candidates have rural issues in mind

John Cauthorn is running for office to be a voice for agriculture and the Republican Party in the state House. Kelly Schultz wants to make a connection between legislators and voters.



Campaign donations for and against Proposition B increase as election nears

The pro-Proposition B group is far ahead of its main opponent in fundraising, but that might not be the best indicator of which side will win on Nov. 2.