Plans for new shovel-ready site introduced during Columbia's State of the City address

The City Manager Bill Watkins forecasts adding Sutter site to Columbia's collection of development-ready locations.


IBM commits to bring at least 600 jobs to Columbia

In order to receive the tax breaks and other incentives the city has offered, IBM has promised to bring at least 600 jobs to Columbia.

Job seekers subscribe online to Columbia IBM position openings

Almost 1,500 job seekers have signed up for updates on the IBM jobs coming to Columbia. The updates are provided by a website set up by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

Missouri contracts all stimulus-funded wastewater infrastructure projects

The state is using more than $103 million in federal money to fund such projects.

Skybridge in downtown St. Louis slated for destruction

Civic leaders say the skybridge is an obstacle in the way of allowing a free-flowing Washington Avenue from downtown to the Mississippi River and the Gateway Arch grounds.

Preparation for IBM's coming kicks into high gear

City Council announced Monday a deal with IBM to bring a new service center to Columbia. The deal could create close to 800 new jobs and boost the city's economy by $44 million per year in payroll dollars.

Missouri lawmakers make case for Super Hornet

Sens. Kit Bond and Claire McCaskill and Reps. Todd Akin and Russ Carnahan want to see the Super Hornet, which is made at a plant in suburban St. Louis, included in the Navy budget.

IBM coming to Columbia, will create up to 800 jobs

The company will move into a building on LeMone Industrial Boulevard as early as Tuesday.

Regional Economic Development Inc. announcing coming of high-impact company Monday

A company that economic development officials say will have the "most significant impact" on private-sector jobs in Columbia's history will be announced Monday.

Obama discusses biofuels with Macon ethanol workers

At the POET Biorefining ethanol plant east of Macon, President Barack Obama spoke to workers about the future of biofuels.

Tax credit confusion could affect filing, returns

As the tax deadline approaches, a MU Extension associate asks one question: Are you taking full advantage of the available tax credits?

STIMULUS WATCH: Minority firms are not receiving fair amount of stimulus money

In Missouri, like with the rest of the country, minority companies have not been receiving an equitable amount of stimulus money, creating an ever-widening gap.

First State Community Bank to purchase Premier

Jefferson City-based Premier Bank is planning to sell its three Columbia branches.

Missouri unemployment rate fell slightly in January

Missouri's unemployment rate droped to 9.5 percent while the nation's average for January was 9.7 percent.

Plane attack on IRS building extreme example of tax protest

Joseph Stack, the man who flew a plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, was one of many people who believe tax laws do not apply to them and are unconstitutional.

Columbia shop sells fair trade chocolate for Valentine's Day

Some Columbia merchants are encouraging people to think fair trade when buying chocolate for Valentine's Day. Others say the fair trade movement has its drawbacks.

Clean Energy Panel hopes to inform, instill action in students

Unofficial student organization Coal Free Mizzou hosted a panel to discuss MU's energy goals Wednesday night.

First-time claims for unemployment benefits rises unexpectedly

New claims for unemployment benefits rose by 8,000 last week, the fourth rise in the past five weeks. The figure is the highest it has been in two months, and many employers have plans to make more lay-offs.

UPDATE: Columbia's cost of living beats national average

Columbia's cost of living is 8.9 percent below the national average, making it one of the least expensive places to live, Chamber of Commerce says.

Grants announced for development of high-speed rail connecting the Midwest

The Obama administration has announced a grant of $1.1 billion for the development of a high-speed rail for faster travel between Chicago and St. Louis. Another grant of $31 million will fund upgrades for rail travel between St. Louis and Kansas City. The project is expected to improve service and create jobs.