Obama: economic crisis needs time to reverse

President Barack Obama told Ohio newspapers that it could "take two decades" for the manufacturing base of the economy to recover.

Rising Katy Trail traffic boosts trailside businesses

A rebound in Katy traffic has boosted trailside businesses in St. Charles County as the bike shops, taverns and wineries that cater to the tens of thousands who cycle the Katy Trail near St. Louis report that business has been strong this year. Some point to the recession as the reason for the traffic increase, saying that more people are choosing affordable, local recreation over spendy long-distance travel.

Couple sets up ecovillage in an Ozark forest to foster sustainability

There are 47 ecovillage communities in Missouri similar to the one Elizabeth Stanfill and Tao Weilmundemo established in an Ozark forest.

Kansas City loses out on new Harley-Davidson plant

Kansas City won't get a second Harley-Davidson manufacturing plant that was expected to bring 1,300 jobs.

Falling timber industry hits backwoods US hard

According to an AP index, the recession has sent economic stress levels soaring, with the housing slump hitting the timber industry with particular force. The consequences of the downturn are clearly evident in the tiny backwoods town of Pine Hill, Ala., where 327 jobs were lost when a timber mill closed earlier this year.

Oil prices gain to above $74, optimism rises

The benchmark for crude ended the day Friday at $73.89, its highest close since October.

Stocks open higher, but consumer confidence may lag behind

Stocks are higher in early trading Monday, thanks to gains overseas and in some commodity markets such as oil.

UPDATE: U.S. Commerce chief announces electric vehicle grants

Smith Electric Vehicle's U.S. subsidiary is receiving a $10 million grant to help build its planned manufacturing plant near the Kansas City International Airport. It is part of a national effort to boost the battery and electric vehicle industry and create jobs.

U.S. Commerce chief announces electric vehicle grants

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced more than $15 million in federal grants for Missouri, including money for Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corp., the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC.

Electric power industry buzzing over 'smart grid' technology

"Smart grid" technology promises to revolutionize the electric power industry by making utilities more intuitive, but critics and regulators worry about its cost benefit and questions of security and privacy.

'Cash for clunkers' increases Columbia car sales

Even as money for the "cash for clunkers" program dwindles, Columbia residents are turning in their clunkers at a steady pace.

USDA raises prices to aid struggling dairy farms

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and his department are trying to help the struggling dairy market by raising the price paid for milk and cheddar cheese. The department estimates the maneuver will boost overall dairy farm revenue by $243 million.

Analysis: Obama's missteps confuse health overhaul

Recent polls show that President Barack Obama is losing support on how he is handling the health care initiative. Some speculate that he underestimated ideological divisions on health care.

FACT CHECK: Obama's health care claims, rhetoric differ

Some things President Barack Obama said about health care reform during his Wednesday news conference differ with the facts, and what he's said before.

Obama to focus on health care at news conference

As the economy continues to lose jobs, Obama will hold a news conference pressing for continued progress in health care debates, in hopes of signing a reform bill before the end of the year.

AmerenUE offers incentives to businesses that save power

Offering rebates to customers that lower their electricity use during periods of peak usage could improve air quality and save AmerenUE money, officials said.

Recession has varied effects on baseball collectibles market

Dan Imler sells rare and vintage baseball memorabila for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mike French sells baseball cards for a few dollars a pack. Both are feeling the effects of a down economy in different ways.

MFA Oil might cut transport division

The transport division, which employs 35 people and has been profitable for the past few years, will reach the end of its contract on August 31 and MFA Oil might not renew the contract.

New U.S. jobless claims fall to lowest level since January

While the unemployement rate continues to rise, the number of newly laid-off workers filing initial claims for unemployment insurance fell last week by 52,000.

Meltdown 101: Where are the renewable energy jobs?

With the growth of energy concerns in Washington — and the allocation of federal funds to alleviate them — job opportunities in the field are expected to open across the U.S.