Midwest economy shows improvement, survey says

The Mid-America Business Conditions Index rose to its highest level since September of last year, indicating that the region's economy is improving, but despite the rise, job losses persist.

Summer looks like a washout for some retailers

Consumers' confidence in the economy, which had surged in April and May, is projected to be virtually unchanged for June when The Conference Board releases figures on Tuesday. And major retailers will release June sales results next week.

ANALYSIS: Nixon's spending, budget cuts are nearly balanced

When it comes to trimming the state's budget, critics of Gov. Jay Nixon's vetoes dispute not the spending that was cut, but the projects that were cut. Among the projects affected include the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center at MU.

Chrysler plant to reopen briefly

The north assembly plant in St. Louis county will be open for two weeks to fulfill remaining orders on the Dodge Ram pickup truck. It will then close for good on July 10.

Former state budget director paints bleak picture of Missouri's finances

Missouri's current deficit is nearly $1 billion. A significant drop in revenue combined with lack of significant spending cuts during the past fiscal year are largely to blame.

ANALYSIS: Climate bill may spur energy revolution

With the passing of a new energy bill by the House, the Senate will now decide whether the bill will be put into action. The bill includes tighter regulations on energy and pollution.

Columbia receives national recognition for entrepreneurial climate

BusinessWeek recently named Columbia the best small city in Missouri for business start-ups. The success is attributed partly to the large college-aged population.

Tough times mean tighter pants for stress eaters

Stress eating generally follows a lifelong pattern, and most people will stress eat from time to time, depending on how bad the stress is and how long it lasts.

Curators to governor: Patient care center important

UM System President Gary Forsee will deliver a message to the governor outlining the System's concerns about Nixon potentially vetoing a bill that contains much higher education funding, including money for Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.

Midwest a front-runner for $8 billion in railway construction funds

High-speed rail plans in the Midwest are considered front-runners to get $8 billion in stimulus money, with a possible future route upgrade from St.Louis to Kansas City. 

UPDATE: Chrysler to reopen St. Louis assembly plant

The automaker will restart operations at 7 plants on June 29 after they were shut down in May when the company entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

St. Louis' Gateway Arch to offer discounts this weekend

The National Park Service will offer $3 discounts on visits to the Arch and related destinations this weekend.

K.C. suburb cancels fireworks show, blames economy

Blue Springs canceled its annual free fireworks show to save money, but residents will still be able to see free displays in neighboring communities.

Columbia ranked one of first six U.S. metro areas to reach pre-recession employment levels

Washington's McClatchy Newspapers ran an article Sunday offering a geographic timeline regarding which parts of the United States would return to pre-recession employment levels and when. Columbia was among one of the six projected to recover by the end of the year.

FairTax rally draws thousands

About 4,760 people attended the Midwest FairTax rally Saturday afternoon to speak in favor of the tax plan, which would essentially replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax.

Wade describes upcoming budget challenges

The city is looking to find a way to fund at least $7 million in budget gaps each of the next two years.

Friday is the official switchover to digital television

With the switch comes potential headaches for the unprepared and benefits, such as FOX in HD, for everyone else. Here are some tips and resources for getting ready.

'Fair Tax' rally to be held Saturday

Proponents of the "fair tax" movement, a push to substitute income taxes with an increase in sales taxes, will host a rally at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

Amid financial meltdown, charitable gifts in US fell in 2008

Charitable giving by Americans fell in 2008 for the first time in more than two decades, according to an annual survey released Wednesday. Religious and international affairs organizations were among the few sectors to see increased giving.

UPDATE: Supreme Court to let Chrysler sale go on

And earlier in the day, a bankruptcy judge approved Chysler's plan to terminate 789 dealer franchises.