Curators to governor: Patient care center important

UM System President Gary Forsee will deliver a message to the governor outlining the System's concerns about Nixon potentially vetoing a bill that contains much higher education funding, including money for Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.

Midwest a front-runner for $8 billion in railway construction funds

High-speed rail plans in the Midwest are considered front-runners to get $8 billion in stimulus money, with a possible future route upgrade from St.Louis to Kansas City. 

UPDATE: Chrysler to reopen St. Louis assembly plant

The automaker will restart operations at 7 plants on June 29 after they were shut down in May when the company entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

St. Louis' Gateway Arch to offer discounts this weekend

The National Park Service will offer $3 discounts on visits to the Arch and related destinations this weekend.

K.C. suburb cancels fireworks show, blames economy

Blue Springs canceled its annual free fireworks show to save money, but residents will still be able to see free displays in neighboring communities.

Columbia ranked one of first six U.S. metro areas to reach pre-recession employment levels

Washington's McClatchy Newspapers ran an article Sunday offering a geographic timeline regarding which parts of the United States would return to pre-recession employment levels and when. Columbia was among one of the six projected to recover by the end of the year.

FairTax rally draws thousands

About 4,760 people attended the Midwest FairTax rally Saturday afternoon to speak in favor of the tax plan, which would essentially replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax.

Wade describes upcoming budget challenges

The city is looking to find a way to fund at least $7 million in budget gaps each of the next two years.

Friday is the official switchover to digital television

With the switch comes potential headaches for the unprepared and benefits, such as FOX in HD, for everyone else. Here are some tips and resources for getting ready.

'Fair Tax' rally to be held Saturday

Proponents of the "fair tax" movement, a push to substitute income taxes with an increase in sales taxes, will host a rally at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

Amid financial meltdown, charitable gifts in US fell in 2008

Charitable giving by Americans fell in 2008 for the first time in more than two decades, according to an annual survey released Wednesday. Religious and international affairs organizations were among the few sectors to see increased giving.

UPDATE: Supreme Court to let Chrysler sale go on

And earlier in the day, a bankruptcy judge approved Chysler's plan to terminate 789 dealer franchises.

Chrysler severs ties with 789 dealerships

A bankruptcy judge stripped hundreds of dealerships of their authorization to sell Chrysler cars in an order issued Tuesday as Chrysler and Fiat officials continued to wait anxiously on the companies' delayed merger.

Ten banks approved to repay federal loans

Experts said Tuesday that allowing 10 banks to return $68 billion in bailout money shows some stability has returned to the system but cautioned that the financial crisis isn't over.

Boston Globe union votes against pay, benefit cuts

In a statement released after the vote, representatives for the Globe said they were disappointed with the outcome and had no "financially viable alternative" but to declare an impasse and impose the deeper wage cut to achieve the necessary savings.

Obama, facing high unemployment, defends stimulus

President Obama responded to high unemployment figures and criticisms by highlighting new job growth goals and new projects that are part of the $787 billion stimulus plan. At the same time, he said he was not happy with the progress made so far and pressed his Cabinet to keep at it.

Chrysler dealers scramble to unload vehicles

Dealers terminated by Chrysler have been busy clearing their lots. Some are in court arguing that dropping them won't save the company much money.

Ailing health insurers press for individual coverage

With high premiums and the economic downturn pushing customers away, and with many of the nation's baby boomers preparing to switch over to Medicare, the U.S. health insurance industry is looking for new ways to stay profitable.

Columbia's economic development aims at growing existing businesses

City Manager Bill Watkins' presentation on economic development stressed the need for coordination to avoid missing opportunities to attract new jobs.

Some workers work harder with layoffs looming

The increased possibility of being laid off has caused some workers to secure their jobs by taking on more duties and longer hours.