Missouri House passes 10-day eviction notice legislation

Legislation passed by the Missouri House would require new owners of foreclosed properties to give current tenants 10 business days' warning before evicting them.

Missouri gets last grant installment for laid off autoworkers

The U.S. Labor Department gave Missouri more than $770,000 Tuesday as the final installment of a grant meant to help employees recently laid off by the auto industry. The grant, approved April 2008, amounts to just over $1.73 million.

Loyalists, bargain hunters, skeptics look to buy Chrysler vehicles

After filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Thursday, Chrysler hopes to reemerge within 30 days. The car company has had a range of shoppers, some of whom are encouraged by President Barack Obama's pledge the government will back warranties issued by the company.

Chrysler expected to sell assets to Fiat

The St. Louis North plant would close under the plan, but a company spokeswoman said employees would be offered jobs at another location.

Transportation districts collect your money with little oversight

$8.4 million has been collected by transportation districts through added sales tax over the past three years. But all the money doesn't go to road projects.

Governor requires state agencies to reduce energy consumption

Nixon signed an executive order Thursday that will mandate state agencies to reduce energy consumption by 2 percent each year over the next decade. He said within the next year it will save state taxpayers more than $1 million.

House Republicans propose $1 billion tax rebate

The state has flexibility with about $2 billion of stimulus money. House Republicans want some of that to go back to taxpayers.

UPDATE: Ohio joins Missouri in study of truck-only I-70 lanes

Ohio joins Missouri in studying whether a commercial trucks-only lane would increase safety and decrese traffic congestion.

McCaskill talks grants, stimulus in 'Kitchen Table Talk'

About 200 attend McCaskill's workshop Wednesday to learn grant-writing strategies and hear the senator's thoughts on stimulus projects and other Missouri issues.

Obama ends trip with surprise visit to Iraq

At the end of an eight-day overseas trip to Europe and Turkey, President Barack Obama flew into Iraq on Tuesday for a brief look at a war he opposed as a candidate and now vows to end as commander in chief.

Airlines earn higher marks for quality in 2008

A recently released airline quality study shows that performance is on the rise, with the best ratings in four years. Hawaiian was ranked No. 1 overall, with AirTran Airways and Jet Blue close behind.

Missouri sees nation's No. 2 increase in new jobless claims

For the week ending March 21, Missouri had the nation's second-highest number of new unemployment claims, behind California. The 669,000 claims nationwide was the highest total in more than 26 years. The Labor Department expects to show in an upcoming report America's unemployment increased to 8.5 percent at the end of March.

Unemployment Olympics meant to lift spirits of jobless

The New York City event hosted simple games for the unemployed aimed at keeping them hopeful during times of job loss.

Council candidates support limited use of tax increment financing

All four City Council candidates favor limited and cautious use of tax increment financing and other tax incentives to spur development and business growth in the city.

GM CEO Wagoner to step down at White House request

Because of criticism from Capitol Hill, Rick Wagoner will step down from his position of Chairman and CEO at General Motors Corp. Although Wagoner insists on leading the company through the crisis, the White House has requested his immediate resignation.

Detroit newspapers hope fewer days add up to success

Starting Monday, the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press will deliver papers on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays but make slimmer issues available in news racks the other days of the week. The papers are two of more than 80 papers — including the Missourian — that have cut issues.

Details emerge on plan for Missouri stimulus money

House budget leaders are putting together the special spending packing. Some decisions have been made, but not all.

Company to build all-electric delivery vans in Missouri

Several companies have already signed letters of intent to buy the vehicles.

The D-word: Will recession become something worse?

Economic depression is a frightening term that economists and lawmakers are avoiding in the current downturn.

Recessions, depressions, take your pick

Definitions for the distinction between a recession and a depression abound. Here are just a few.