Columbia's housing, job market discussed at Economic Outlook Conference

Robert Wolverton, president of R. Anthony Development Group, expressed confidence on Columbia's housing market and calls for more jobs and better use of MU resources at the fifth annual Economic Outlook Conference.

Washington busy spending lots and lots of money

Even with Obama's newly announced stimulus plan, the national debt will continue to rise in the next year.

FIVE IDEAS: Buying coffee in a tough economy

This week, we ask you to weigh in on the MU soccer team's Big 12 Championship, the youth vote that propelled Barack Obama to the presidency, election changes and a new music festival for Columbia.

Economy won't stop deer hunters from pursuing their sport

Many hunters will save money eating deer meat instead of store-bought meat this winter.

Columbia's coffee market affected in plunging economy

The closure of The Coffee Ground is one grave fallout from the downward-spiraling economy. Lakota Coffee, Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company and others are also experiencing the effects in their business and clientele.

Exit poll: Missouri voters most concerned about economy

The exit poll showed how much the state's mood has changed since 2004. When President George W. Bush carried Missouri four years ago, slightly more than half of voters said the economy was good.

Economy, race might factor into Missouri vote

Obama's race may hurt his support in the working-class neighborhoods of St. Charles County near St. Louis.

Sales at Columbia used-car dealership drop

The owner of Ashland Auto Sales blames the faltering ecomony for the loss of revenue.

Financial adviser calms nerves

Edward Jones financial adviser Kathy Lou Neale has been fielding many calls from worried clients since the economic downturn. She likens the market to a turbulent airplane, and it's not time to jump off. It's just time to buckle up and keep a clear head.

Legislative candidates offer views on the economy

Local state House and Senate candidates have varying thoughts on the future of Missouri's economy.

Wall Street takes another heavy blow: Dow down by 733

The announcement of a large decline in retail sales coincided with a daylong stock market sell-off. The 733-point loss is the second-worst in history for the Dow Jones industrial average, which ended Wednesday down nearly 8 percent — its steepest drop since one week after Black Monday in 1987.

Gas prices fall with economy

The average cost of a gallon of self-service regular gasoline fell to $3.15 this week. Analysts have attributed the decline to a predicted decline in demand.

Miller says economy will challenge county

Karen Miller is running unopposed for a fifth term as Boone County Southern District commissioner. She said the biggest challenge facing the county over the next four years will be the slowdown in the economy.

Gubernatorial races nationwide focused on economy

Problems in the economy have overshadowed all other election issues.

No 'normal' setting exists in today's economy

Understanding that "normal" does not exist, and never really existed in the first place, is very important to the caretakers of our future.

Students find ways to meet financial demands in tough economy

College students are noticing a difference in their daily lives as the effects of the economy begin to filter down. Some students are making changes to cut costs such as cycling more and driving less, taking fewer trips home and taking more trips to the plasma bank.

Panel discusses economy's local impact

Graduating students might have to take jobs to get by, rather than chase their dreams, a panel of business professionals said in a forum hosted by the MU's Trulaske College of Business.

Baker unveils jobs plan; Luetkemeyer stresses drilling

Rep. Judy Baker, D-Columbia, discussed her plan to create manufacturing jobs in the U.S., and Republican candidate Blaine Luetkemeyer spoke in support of drilling for oil to reverse inflation. The two are candidates for Missouri's 9th Congressional District.

Experts weigh in on the global effects America's economy

Countries across the world are reacting differently to the economic slowdown that has the US reeling.

As the economy takes a hit, so does John McCain

Since the country’s financial troubles have deepened, polls that once gave John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, an early advantage in Missouri now show him even with Barack Obama.  Plant closings and high gas prices have taken a toll on residents rural Missouri.