A financial crisis Q&A

Karen A. Schnatterly, Ph.D.,  assistant professor of management at MU's College of Business, explains how the financial meltdown affects the average American, Washington's bailout plan and the causes behind the current economic crisis.

MU scholar on economy: 'Ride it out'

Rob Weagley, who chairs MU's Personal Financial Planning department, offers some simple advice for weathering the recent tumult on Wall Street: Ride it out.

Blunt bashes Bush's bailout plan

The Missouri governor said the president's plan is not the right option for reforming the country's economy.

Economic downturn no surprise to average Americans

Years of deregulation of corporations and borrowing from other countries has set the U.S. on a dangerous trajectory. Meanwhile, many Americans are focused on putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their families' heads and remain unaffected by Wall Street's fluctuations.

Missouri’s economy not yet affected by Wall Street

The state portfolio is not at risk because it does not deal with Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch or AIG, says Mark Mathers, director of investments in the state treasurer's office.

Columbia brokers caution against panic

Local stockbrokers advise consumers and investors to think carefully about their options amid stock market changes.

Sluggish economy prompts workers to return to college

Two Columbia men pursue degrees in nursing at Columbia College after losing their jobs at 3M.

Economy keeps many J-School alumni at home for Centennial

Around 20,000 invitations were mailed out to J-School alumni for the centennial celebration; 1,900 tickets to the party have been sold. When we asked alumni why they weren't coming, many blamed the economy and the time of the celebration.

Weak economic growth, job losses continue to plague Midwest

A survey by an economic forecasting group shows that economic activity is still weak in the Midwest.

Economy keeps stay-at-home moms at home

Missouri casino revenue up as economy struggles

 The latest figures from the Missouri Gaming Commission show that overall casino gambling revenue rose 7 percent in July to $146.9 million, up from $136.9 million in July 2007.

Economy making it difficult for Mo. to get started on massive bridge project

The project was authorized by lawmakers a year ago and has yet to begin because of a tight credit market and delays in negotiating a contract.

Obama emphasizes green economy during rural Missouri economic tour

In front of a roaring, standing-room-only crowd at the Missouri University of Science and Technology on Wednesday, Sen. Barack Obama, D—Ill., detailed his economic plan for the nation if he is elected president. The senator stopped in Springfield, Rolla and Union on Wednesday as part of his economic tour through rural Missouri.

Ninth District congressional candidates comment on economy

Rumors of recession have been swirling through the country for months, and whether they’re true or not, the economy is on voters’ minds. Candidates for the Ninth District seat in the House of Representatives shared their views.

Struggling economy makes apartment life seem attractive

Rising prices for gasoline and endless lists of projects have turned the idea of home ownership into a nightmare. In a sound economy, the dissatisfaction would probably never have arisen. On a bright summer day in any other year I would have been horrified if anybody had suggested apartment living to me.


Forecasters see weak economy even if housing, credit improve

Economic forecasters say the worst of the painful housing slump and the credit crunch might come to an end this year, but they expect the economy will weaken further and unemployment will rise.

That’s the latest outlook from forecasters in a survey to be released Monday by the National Association for Business Economics.

Obama set to discuss economy in Cape Girardeau

The Democratic presidential hopeful will meet with workers at a clothing manufacturer. The stop is part of a tour of mostly swing states.

Bush in St. Louis: 'This economy is going to come on'

After months of talking about the economy's resilience, President Bush was able to pivot his latest pep talk off some encouraging signs — at least relative to the gloomy indicators of late.

Most say U.S. economy in recession

Sixty-one percent of the public thinks the economy is now suffering through its first recession since 2001, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll.

Smoking ban hurts local economy

Business owners should not be subjected to a city ordinance that prohibits smoking because government wants to mandate public health and welfare.