UPDATE: Delta revises Columbia airport schedule to meet consumer demand

The airline will offer two daily flights to and from Atlanta throughout the week. Service to Memphis will be reduced to six times a week.

Mid-Missouri Peace Coalition hosts Fourth of July gathering

The Mid-Missouri Peace Coalition held a peace rally in front of the Boone County Courthouse in order to promote its idea of a "peace economy."

Missouri job incentive program comes up short, audit finds

The report focuses on the Quality Jobs program, which provides tax breaks to businesses that add jobs with decent wages and health insurance.

Missouri candidates react to health care ruling

Missouri Republicans respond harshly to hearing the Supreme Court's decision to uphold most of the Affordable Care Act.

Democrats, Republicans are worlds apart on how to fix economy

"These two positions are almost diametrically opposed to each other," said Sung Won Sohn, a California State University economics professor. "And there's no common ground it seems."


Missouri payroll jobs fall by 7,300 in May

The decline in non-farm payroll jobs followed several months of increases.

U.S. coal use falling fast; utilities switch to natural gas

The fuel that powered the U.S. from the industrial revolution into the iPhone era is being pushed aside as utilities switch to cleaner and cheaper alternatives.


More than seven in 10 US teens jobless in summer

The decline in teenage employment has been particularly sharp since 2000. Employment for 16- to 19-year-olds has fallen to the lowest level since World War II.


Missouri economy poor, but unemployment rate better than national average

Missouri ranks 43rd nationally in real GDP, but the unemployment rate ranks in the top 10 in recent improvement among states.

Job growth in swing states doesn't guarantee Obama re-election

Although the national unemployment rate is high, President Barack Obama still has hope for re-election. Seven of the 10 states that will decide the election have employment levels that beat the U.S. average.



US employers waiting and watching before hiring

U.S. companies are holding out on hiring new employees until there is more certainty about future job markets.

Schneider Electric’s manufacturing lines to move, eliminate 70 Columbia jobs

The company plans to relocate its circuit breaker manufacturing lines to Mexico by the end of 2013.

Columbia's blight debate: EEZs' value as job-creation tool unclear

Proponents say an enhanced enterprise zone could bring manufacturing jobs to Columbia. However, a 2010 state audit found that promises of jobs and investment related to Missouri's EEZ program were inaccurate and often overstated.

Columbia's blight debate: Old data used to examine poverty, population

Some citizens are concerned that 12-year-old demographic data might paint an inaccurate portrait of Columbia and Boone County. The city's population has grown about 30 percent from 2000 to 2010.

Columbia's blight debate: Timeline of enhanced enterprise zone effort

Regional Economic Development Inc. began to look into the possibility of an enhanced enterprise zone in early 2011. It first came before the City Council in January, and the council will consider re-establishing an EEZ board at its meeting on Monday.

Keep Columbia Free seeks volunteers for potential recall petition

Columbia group would seek removal of City Council members who vote to reform enhanced enterprise zone board

Columbia's blight debate: A question of jobs vs. neighborhood values

Columbia residents worry about property values and eminent domain in neighborhoods designated as blighted. Proponents of an enhanced enterprise zone insist the worries are unfounded and that the city needs to offer incentives to attract manufacturing jobs.

Columbia's blight debate: How an EEZ benefits businesses

Business that locate or expand within an enhanced enterprise zone are eligible for a number of economic incentives. To date, there are 199 such zones in Missouri.

2012 college grads enter improving job market

The class of 2012 is leaving college with something that many graduates since the start of the Great Recession have lacked: jobs.

Fannie Mae's finances improve as decline in home prices slows

Instead of seeking additional aid from taxpayers, the company will pay a dividend of $2.8 billion to the Treasury Department. That compares with the same quarter one year ago when Fannie reported a net loss of $6.5 billion.