Rising gas prices have not slowed Midwest economy

A Creighton University economist said it would take a significantly higher increase in oil prices or a world catastrophe to seriously harm growth in the region.

Missouri River Bluffs Association helps small-business owners connect

The Missouri River Bluffs Association promotes small businesses in five Missouri counties — small businesses such as Walk-About Acres in Boone County.

Q&A: Why are gasoline prices so high?

Last year, the average price of gasoline was higher than ever, and it hasn't gotten any better this year. The average price nationwide is $3.88 per gallon, the highest ever for March. Why?

ANALYSIS: Job market increase could last this time

With more economic and political stability this year, the recent increase in jobs should be longer-lasting than similar trend last year.

Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board clarifies proposals

The Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board addressed weeks of public disgruntlement at its Friday meeting, which resulted in a map six census blocks smaller and a resolution to disassociate eminent domain and blight.

City leaders, legislators look to alter definition of blight

In an effort to address public scrutiny regarding the definition of blight, city leaders and area legislators want to alter the enhanced enterprise zone's state statute so that a local government's declaration of blight cannot be used for other laws that also necessitate a blight requirement.

Brown Shoe posts $8.2 million fourth quarter loss

The St. Louis-based company's shares tumbled $1.28, or 9.7 percent, Wednesday morning. About 155 employees will lose their jobs.

Public voices concerns about Enhanced Enterprise Zone, "blight" at meeting

Much of the public comment echoed questions that remained unanswered at last week's meeting between the Downtown Leadership Council and Regional Economic Development Inc.

Questions about enhanced enterprise zone linger from public, Downtown Leadership Council

Following a presentation by Regional Economic Development Inc., members of the Downtown Leadership Council as well as community members posed questions regarding the proposed enhanced enterprise zone in Columbia.

Resolution to create enhanced enterprise zone deems large portion of Columbia 'blighted'

The Regional Economic Development Inc. is pushing for an enhanced enterprise zone to create jobs and foster economic growth in Columbia. But others worry the term "blighted," featured in the state statute that creates these zones, is not truly reflective of the large parts of the city it might be applied to.

From relief to despair: Varying views of new jobs data

Employers added 243,000 jobs in January, a sign of progress to some people but a possible illusion to others.

Organizations team up against payday loans, insufficient minimum wage

Two state organizations, Missourians for Responsible Lending and Missourians for a Raise, have teamed up to gain support for their causes against payday loans and a low state minimum wage.

Legal Services Corporation announces budget cuts despite increase in caseload

Nonprofit legal advice programs nationwide experienced a $72 million cut in funding from Congress since 2010, which resulted in cutting 833 staff members across 135 programs nationwide. 

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Economic indicators for Columbia, Boone County and Missouri

Economic indicators for Columbia, Boone County and Missouri, including unemployment rates, weekly and yearly wage rates, cost of living and population comparisons.


Missouri's unemployment rate down to 8 percent

Missouri's unemployment rate fell two-tenths of a point between November and December 2011.

Missouri Gov. Nixon to deliver State of the State address

The Missouri governor is expected to focus on jobs and other economic issues.

Families adjust holiday shopping because of down economy

With the down economy, families across the U.S. are adjusting their holiday shopping plans to help save money.

Farmers cash in despite bad economy

While much of America worries about the possibility of a double-dip recession, farm profits are expected to spike by 28 percent this year.

St. Peters company to cut 20 percent of workforce

St. Peters-based MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. will cut about 1,300 jobs, including about 250 in the U.S., because of a weak demand in the solar energy and chip markets. 

Mid America Brick hopes winter work stoppage will be temporary

The Mexico, Mo., company said it will suspend brick production and lay off most of the company's 34 hourly workers.