Fannie Mae's finances improve as decline in home prices slows

Instead of seeking additional aid from taxpayers, the company will pay a dividend of $2.8 billion to the Treasury Department. That compares with the same quarter one year ago when Fannie reported a net loss of $6.5 billion.

Gas prices probably won't set record this summer, government forecasts

The government slashed its forecast for average gas prices to $3.79 per gallon for the summer driving season.


In Greece, left-wing leader rejects austerity pledge

Greek left-wing politician Alexis Tsipras caused a stir Tuesday when he said Greece is no longer bound by its pledges to impose crippling cutbacks in return for rescue loans.


Columbia City Council rescinds blight resolution

The City Council voted unanimously Monday evening to rescind a blight decree that was needed to establish an enhanced enterprise zone.

Jobs lost to recession trickle back, but wages lag

Job creation has been "consistently solid" adding "more than 100,000 jobs for eight months straight" while employers have also added "at least 100,000 jobs every month this year."

Oil drops below $100 for first time since February

Amidst economic worry over unemployment and less than projected job growth, the price of oil dropped below $100 per barrel for the first time in three months.

US recovery expected to sustain steady jobs growth

Economists surveyed by The Associated Press foresee economic growth in the coming years, but they still have a few concerns that could cause growth to stall.

Europe's debt fix falters, rattling financial markets

Europe's plan to fix its debt crisis by imposing budget cuts frayed Monday, and heavy selling rocked financial markets.

Survey: Higher fuel prices slowing rural growth

The rising cost of fuel is taking on toll on rural economy growth, a survey conducted in 10 states found.

REDI issues enterprise zone report to address concerns raised by City Council, residents

A report intended to address the consequences of rescinding the blight decree necessary to establish an enhanced enterprise zone will be up for discussion at Monday night's meeting of the Columbia City Council.

5 reasons the US job market might be weakening

While jobs numbers usually bounce around from month to month, experts argue there are several reasons to worry about the current job market.

Boone County reports biggest employment jump among Missouri's large counties

Employment increased in Boone County from September 2010 to September 2011 by 2.4 percent. Average weekly wages in the county also increased during that period, by 5.2 percent.

Rising gas prices have not slowed Midwest economy

A Creighton University economist said it would take a significantly higher increase in oil prices or a world catastrophe to seriously harm growth in the region.

Missouri River Bluffs Association helps small-business owners connect

The Missouri River Bluffs Association promotes small businesses in five Missouri counties — small businesses such as Walk-About Acres in Boone County.

Q&A: Why are gasoline prices so high?

Last year, the average price of gasoline was higher than ever, and it hasn't gotten any better this year. The average price nationwide is $3.88 per gallon, the highest ever for March. Why?

ANALYSIS: Job market increase could last this time

With more economic and political stability this year, the recent increase in jobs should be longer-lasting than similar trend last year.

Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board clarifies proposals

The Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board addressed weeks of public disgruntlement at its Friday meeting, which resulted in a map six census blocks smaller and a resolution to disassociate eminent domain and blight.

City leaders, legislators look to alter definition of blight

In an effort to address public scrutiny regarding the definition of blight, city leaders and area legislators want to alter the enhanced enterprise zone's state statute so that a local government's declaration of blight cannot be used for other laws that also necessitate a blight requirement.

Brown Shoe posts $8.2 million fourth quarter loss

The St. Louis-based company's shares tumbled $1.28, or 9.7 percent, Wednesday morning. About 155 employees will lose their jobs.

Public voices concerns about Enhanced Enterprise Zone, "blight" at meeting

Much of the public comment echoed questions that remained unanswered at last week's meeting between the Downtown Leadership Council and Regional Economic Development Inc.