Labor groups present proposals to City Council about wages, bargaining

Groups representing workers for the Water and Light, Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments and Columbia police officers have been negotiating with city officials since May.

Missouri Senate reviewing study of proposed tax breaks

The tax break evaluation is part of the push to make Lambert-St. Louis International Airport a cargo hub. In most of the tax break scenarios evaluated, the benefits exceeded the costs. 

Amtrak from St. Louis to Kansas City could lose federal funding

A federal transportation budget plan would eliminate federal funding for Amtrak's state-supported trains effective Oct. 1. Trains between St. Louis and Chicago would also be affected. 

Obama's jobs plan splits leaders of strapped states

Many Democratic governors welcome President Obama's plan to provide $130 billion in aid to state and local governments, while many Republican governors remain skeptical.

Report: Missouri residents gain money, weight

According to a state report, Missouri improved in median income level and standardized test score ranking. But the obesity rate was worse than it was in previous years. 

U.S. debt commission members rake in health industry contributions

Health professionals rank among the top 10 sources of campaign dollars for most of the members on the congressional panel that's working on deficit and debt control. Those supporting industries could get hit hard with a new federal spending plan.

Ag economy gives Missouri cattle farmers incentive to plant crops

Statewide, the number of cows has dropped from 2.12 million to 1.97 million, with more and more farmers turning to the more lucrative and less labor-intensive work of crop production.

Unemployment rate unchanged in August

The August jobs report was the weakest since September 2010, as the unemployment rate remained the same, stock futures fell and hour earnings decreased.


White House requests $5.2 billion in new disaster funds

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has less than $800 million in its disaster relief fund to help pay for the damage caused by Hurricane Irene.

Refineries paying less for oil, making more profit on gas prices

Although refineries are paying about 25 percent less for oil than they were a few months ago, most of the savings have not transferred over to consumers.

City of Savannah hopes to avoid bankruptcy

To help avoid bankruptcy, city employees are now paying a higher insurance deductible, and the mayor is taking steps to get a secondary loan to help pay for bonds. 

Obama administration plans to cut hundreds of regulations for small businesses

The reforms will focus on scrapping "dumb" rules and helping small businesses, the administration said. The cut-backs are expected to save businesses $10 billion over five years.

City management fellowship to provide new opportunity for master's students

City Manager Mike Matthes proposes a management fellowship to cut city expenses and provide real-world experience to master's students studying public affairs.

Ethanol projected to consume more corn than livestock

The United States Department of Agriculture yield estimates project that for the first time in history more corn will be used to produce ethanol than to feed livestock.

High corn prices changing livestock practices

High corn prices are forcing some livestock producers to adjust their feed rations and are contributing to a downward trend in cattle owners in Missouri.

Gov. Jay Nixon requests disaster designation for 23 counties

The designation of the counties as primary disaster areas would allow farmers to receive financial help from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency.

Obama's plan: New jobs proposals, challenging GOP

President Barack Obama plans to announce a broad package of tax cuts, construction work and help for the millions of Americans who have been unemployed for months.

Retail sales rose 0.5 percent in July

The overall increase in retail spending is a positive sign, but there are still concerns lingering for the American economy.

Unemployment claims reach 4-month low; economic predictions vary

While some economists said this could signal job growth, some analysts have a more cautionary outlook. 

Fed pledges to keep rates low into 2013; stocks soar

In 2008, the Federal Reserve set its target for interest rates near zero to help with the financial crisis. On Tuesday, the Fed guaranteed low interest rates for two more years.