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MU Faculty Council addresses communication breakdown in MU museum relocation

A representative for the Campus Planning Committee told Faculty Council he was not involved at all in the decision to relocate MU's Museum of Anthropology and Museum of Art and Archaeology.


The reasoning behind popular dog names

Columbia dog owners may name their hounds after characters in movies or beverages, but many are characterized by a long "e" sound at the end of the name. Dog trainers and an MU associate professor explain why.

THE WEEK'S MOST READ STORIES: Fatal teen car crash, return of popular diner and 'Welcome Back' guide top list

The week's most popular stories included Glenn's Cafe coming back to Columbia after being in Boonville since 2006.

Welcome back: What's new in Columbia and around campus

See what's new around town and at MU, and Stephens College and Columbia College. And, Tigers football fans, here's what you can expect this season.

Changes take effect as school year opens for Columbia Public Schools

Changes include new attendance areas, new start times and expanded middle schools. The attendance area boundaries were redrawn among Battle, Hickman and Rock Bridge high schools — students apply to attend Douglass High School — and their feeders schools: Gentry, Lange, Smithton, Jefferson, Oakland and West middle schools.

As maintenance backlog grows, Campus Facilities stretched thin

MU’s total repair backlog adds up to $552 million and grows by $22 million each year, said Gary Ward, MU’s associate vice chancellor for facilities.

THE WEEK'S MOST READ STORIES: Convenience store closes, Perseid meteor shower viewing and flooding top list

The week's most read stories included a story about the Break Time store closing suddenly and a profile on Missouri football's defensive end, Kony Ealy.

After floods, Overton Bottoms went from crop fields to wildlife habitat

The floods of 1993 and 1995 set in motion a series of changes that transformed crop fields along the Missouri River into public conservation lands.

Stephens College professor turns fictitious Missouri town into online reality

Across media platforms, including videos and websites, creative writing assistant professor Kate Berneking Kogut showcases Daffodil Township as the residents prepare for their town to possibly become a new U.S. coastline.

THE WEEK'S MOST READ STORIES: A winemaker builds boats, Kim Boyer's friends show support with bikes

The week's most read stories included a story about a Kim Boyer, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and her friends supporting her by riding Bike MS for her in September. Also, there was a story about some Aspen Heights residents being forced to live in other apartment complexes and still having to pay rent.

Friends to ride in Bike MS for marathoner battling multiple sclerosis

Kim Boyer's friends are teaming up to ride in the Bike MS event in September. They are raising money for multiple sclerosis research in Boyer's honor.

Overhaul of Columbia bus system aims for increased ridership

Ridership is down for Columbia Transit. Several proposals hope to boost the number of riders.

THE WEEK'S MOST READ STORIES: International student to return home, fire department's video

The week's most read stories included a story about an exchange student who will return home because the cost of his degree is too high and a Columbia Fire Department video that went viral.

Collegetown offers tips for incoming college freshmen

The Missourian's annual "Collegetown" edition takes a look at what students will need to know before moving to Columbia and adjusting to college life with tips on things such as buying football tickets and staying healthy.

MU to incorporate new emergency alert system in fall semester

The new alert system will include the addition of 225 beacons that will be placed throughout buildings at MU to warn of severe weather or other emergencies.

Boone County 4-H clubs keep ham curing tradition alive

Boone County has a long tradition of country cured ham. Today, 4-H clubs are keeping the art of dry curing alive by encouraging youth participation in the fair's annual ham contest.

Korean student must return home from MU without degree

Wonjoon Moon of South Korea is leaving MU with an unfinished degree in finance and banking because of the difficult financial burden of a university degree.

Week by Week: Highlighting the Flood of '93 — July 22-30

A look back at what was happening in mid-Missouri 20 years ago during the Flood of '93.

After 11 years apart, African refugee's family will join him in Columbia

Nene Rwenyaguza hasn't seen his family since 2002, when his small Congo village was raided by rebel forces. His wife and children were presumed dead for nearly seven years, but he never gave up hope. The family will finally be reunited.

A little library in Columbia, just around the corner from another

Two book exchanges opened this week, one on Crestland Avenue and the other nearby on West Rollins Road. Run on the "trust system," the little libraries allow anyone to walk up and borrow a book.