Editors' Picks

Radium game: The life and legacy of Herman Schlundt

Herman Schlundt, an MU researcher for 35 years, was at the forefront of radium research. Now, almost 80 years after his death, his legacy still marks MU.

The Great Flood of '93: Boone County residents remember the impact

Volunteers from around the country descended on towns such as Hartsburg and Rocheport to help with sandbagging and recovery efforts.

Week by Week: Highlighting the Flood of '93

Here's a look at what was happening in mid-Missouri 20 years ago.

Muslim families fast, then feast for Ramadan

On Wednesday, Mohamed Gumati, owner of International Cafe in downtown Columbia, and his family, celebrated iftar, the breaking of the Ramadan fast.

MU's Carbon Recycling Lab at work on water-recycling toilet

Engineers in MU's Carbon Recycling Lab have developed toilet technology that consumes solid waste using high-temperature, high-pressure water. The water can be recycled after the waste is consumed in an oxidation reaction. 

Missouri River researcher to discuss how estrogen-like chemicals affect sturgeon

Diana Papoulias, supervisory research fish biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, will give a talk about the relationship between chemicals in the Missouri River and intersex sturgeon at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Les Bourgeois Vineyards in Rocheport. 

THIS WEEK'S MOST READ: Fireworks ordinance cause complaints, euthanization rate drops

This week, the most read list included "100 AGES, A CENTURY OF VOICES"  and a story about the approval of a new student apartment complex.

Central Missouri Humane Society reduces euthanasia rates

The shelter's director attributes the change to better training for staff, the number of volunteers and foster homes and better marketing of the website, which draws would-be pet owners.

Organ players of Columbia

Amy Cook, of Olivet Christian Church, Colleen Ostercamp, of First Baptist Church of Columbia, Eric Aldrich, of Parkade Baptist Church, and Michael Bancroft, of First Presbyterian Church, often play at their respective churches. 

THE WEEK'S MOST READ STORIES: Stadium construction; downtown gateways planned

This week's most read stories include construction at Memorial Stadium and Faurot Field and an arrest that was made in connection to the June 23 homicide. 

Columbia Public Schools reintroduce driver's education

For the first since the early 1990s, Columbia Public School offered a driver's education class this summer.

100 AGES, A CENTURY OF VOICES: O.J. Stone, 61, understood risks of law enforcement job

Boone County sheriff's deputy, later deputy chief, O.J. Stone worried about his family when he left on calls, but they worried about him just as much.

Community gathers to celebrate the life of Eliot Battle

Hundreds packed into the sanctuary at Missouri United Methodist Church on Saturday to remember the life of a prominent and historic community leader. 


MU to go smoke-free Monday

The ban applies to any tobacco products and to e-cigarettes. Advocates say they'll rely on education and peer enforcement to ensure people comply.

MU museums' priceless artifacts make move a challenge

The vast and delicate collections held by the Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of Art and Archaeology will be difficult to relocate. MU will have to make significant changes for them at the former Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.

Dock electrical safety still an issue at Lake of the Ozarks

After three people were electrocuted while swimming near docks in the Lake of the Ozarks last summer, electricians were busy with calls from homeowners worried about the safety of their dock wiring. Much remains to be done to bring all the docks on the lake up to code.

Residents divided over downtown Columbia housing, despite business benefits

The proliferation of student apartments boosts traffic for many businesses, but some residents worry it's too much, too quickly.

THE WEEK'S MOST-READ STORIES: Supermoon rises over Columbia; police investigate shooting

Coverage about the unexpected presence of two wild pigs the Katy Trail also attracted notice from the Missourian's online readers.

100 AGES, A CENTURY OF VOICES: Blake Werner, 20, learned practical skills early

Blake Werner attended the St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf in the St. Louis area from age 3 to 9, where he learned to communicate.

Fewer children participating in summer lunch programs in Missouri

A report found a decline in the number of children participating in summer nutrition programs in Missouri. Although some programs in Columbia report serving fewer meals, trends are difficult to discern.