Editors' Picks

Farmland targeted by Columbia airport expansion plans

Runway and taxiway upgrades will require the city to buy 52 acres, much of it from farmers who have lived in the area for decades.

Local letter carriers stick together through Postal Service upheaval

Despite massive technological upheaval and financial chaos that threaten the future of the U.S. Postal Service, local letter carriers keep the personal connections from their routes intact.

Mission of Mercy clinic serves patients who have gone without dental care

The Missouri Mission of Mercy dental clinic Friday and Saturday provided free fillings, cleanings and extractions to anyone who needed them. More than 1,700 people attended the event in Cape Girardeau.

THE WEEK'S MOST-READ: Concussions, Arvarh Strickland, Douglass' prom

The most read stories from the past week include a story about the controversy surrounding concussions in youth football, the death of Arvarh Strickland, the first black professor at MU and Douglass High School's first prom in seven years.

Transitions in flight: Marvin Chapman finds peace in birding

After his wife died in a car accident in 2005, Marvin Chapman fell into depression and suffered a panic attack. Now, though, he finds peace, joy and solitude in bird watching at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area.

Female athletes at higher risk of concussion than males

Although more research is needed, preliminary studies show that girls and women who play sports suffer more concussion and feel the effects longer than males.

Changing weather patterns pose challenges to local governments

Missouri weather is so unpredictable that different weather models could show different projections, and city governments don't know which ones to use.

THE WEEK'S MOST READ: Lucky's Farmers Market to open store in downtown Columbia

The most read stories from the past week include a new grocery store coming to downtown Columbia and an employee at Columbia Regional Airport arrested for stealing items from passengers' luggage.

Jefferson Junior High commemorates its history

Columbia's first junior high will become Jefferson Middle School this fall. To celebrate Jefferson Junior High School's history and identity, a large bronze plaque will be built at the corner of Eighth and Rogers streets.

Baha'i faith transformed Tyree Byndom from 'thug' to activist, caring father

Twenty years ago, Byndom was a self-described "thug" who dealt marijuana, got in bar fights and prided himself on having 20 girlfriends at the same time. He gave it all up when he converted to Baha'i and set himself toward becoming a community activist and a caring father.

THE WEEK'S MOST-READ STORIES: Boston bombings, homicide arrests, storms

The most-read stories of this week involved information on the Boston Marathon bombings, the arrest of two men in connection to the homicide of Brian Daniels and Wednesday's storm that produced golf ball-sized hail.

Concealed carry permit numbers climb in Boone County

Some people seeking certification for a concealed carry permit said they were motivated by recent federal proposals to tighten gun restrictions, as well as concerns about their personal safety.

YEARS OF PROGRESS: Columbia works to balance population, infrastructure

The Missourian profiled how Columbia has developed in recent years, what issues the city has faced and how growth has affected members of the community.

Morel hunters still waiting for season to begin in earnest

The morel season usually goes from early April to the beginning of May, but this year's has been delayed because of cool weather.

Marie Steinwachs, sustainability pioneer, continues work at MU Extension

Marie Steinwachs work with the Household Hazardous Waste Project garnered national acclaim two decades ago. Now, she works with engineering students to help companies improve their environmental practices.

THIS WEEK'S MOST READ STORIES: Prized McBaine bur oak vandalized; Phil Pressey leaves

The top-read stories this week concerned a vandalized 90-foot bur oak, another chapter in the Ryan Ferguson saga and a farewell, as Missouri men's basketball career assists leader Phil Pressey announced he'll skip his senior season t0 enter the NBA draft.

Teacher brings bilingual approach to Rock Bridge Preschool classroom

Many studies show the advantages of becoming bilingual at an early age. Puerto Rican-born teacher Natalia Prats wants to instill those benefits in the children of her dual Spanish and English preschool class.

Kayaker Janet Moreland to embark on historic trip down Missouri River

Longtime kayaker Janet Moreland will begin a trip on April 14 that will take her from the Centennial Mountains in Montana to St. Louis, and in the process, make her the first woman to to compete a solo kayak trip down the entire length of the Missouri River.

Hartsburg family restaurant is 'more than the money'

The Claysville Store, 30 minutes south of Columbia in Hartsburg, offers diners a home cooked meal in a family and faith atmosphere. The restaurant was renovated from a general store that closed around 1940.

MU students spending their spring break in service

MU students are giving of their free time in service to others this spring break through organizations such as Alternative Spring Break and Engineers Without Borders.