Euliss wants to bring fiscal responsibility to council through Sixth Ward seat

The chief financial officer of Boone Electric Cooperative said the city isn't spending taxpayers' money as wisely as it could.


Second Ward council candidate Paul Love feels need to mount a challenge

The president of the Parkade Neighborhood Association says the only way to change government is to get involved.

Second Ward incumbent Michael Trapp says campaign is easier this time around

The Parkade neighborhood resident and interim director of Phoenix Health Programs says idealism must be balanced with pragmatism.

VOTERS GUIDE: What you need to know about the 2015 General Election

Columbia voters will choose three new Columbia City Council representatives and elect leadership for the Columbia School Board in the April 7 General Election.

Council candidates' opinions not limited to paper or plastic

The results of the upcoming April 7 election could drastically alter the dynamic of the Columbia City Council and the debate over a potential ban on plastic bags. Of the thirteen candidates, many support the ban for environmental and economic reasons, others believe city council should not be involved in private enterprise.

City Council candidates weigh in on whether Columbia's marijuana ordinances should be changed

Some candidates support putting the issue on a citywide ballot, others suggest a statewide vote is needed.

Nate Brown wants to give the First Ward community a voice

The Reynolds Journalism Institute spokesman who grew up in Columbia's Sharp End says the city must improve its relationship with central-city residents.

Phillips wants to bring MU student influence to Columbia City Council

The former community relations chairman for the Missouri Students Association wants to cultivate a stronger relationship between the campus and other Columbia residents. 

City Council candidate Rader cites family's stake in First Ward

The co-owner and manager of Bengals says his work at the bar has given him unique insight, and he has ideas on how to solve some of the problems facing the city.

Muleskinners ask First Ward candidates about social issues, economic development

Six of the First Ward candidates answered questions but revealed few significant differences in their positions on a range of issues.

MU student Jake Loft not shy about City Council ambitions

The MU senior says he's passionate about politics and about making a difference in people's lives. Loft said he wants to help bring accountability and positive change to Columbia, promoting a dialogue between all residents of the First Ward and the rest of Columbia, and help build trust between the city government and residents.

Sal Nuccio on his own campaign trail, off the beaten path

In his second bid for a seat on the City Council, the Eastside Tavern owner isn't sticking with conventional election strategies. Nuccio says he wants to work to represent the views of the First Ward on issues such as marijuana reform, police presence, protecting the architectural integrity and appeal of downtown Columbia,  downtown development and infrastructure.

Nonprofit work shapes experience of First Ward candidate Rasmussen

Rob Rasmussen works as a home coordinator for a local nonprofit agency and is active with Columbia Access Television.

Stewart hopes to be a student of his constituents

The First Ward Council candidate looks to secure Columbia's future by working with its youth.

City officials hope voters will give them a pipeline of cash for storm sewer work

Proposition 2 would more than double stormwater utility bills to address the needs of a system that Public Works staff says is falling into disrepair.

John Clark aims to restore public confidence in Columbia City Council

The three-time First Ward candidate says he would also focus on public infrastructure and code enforcement for property maintenance.

Clyde Ruffin hopes to bring commitment to social justice to City Council

The Rev. Clyde Ruffin is ready to retire from his career as a theater professor and try making a difference on the Columbia City Council.

City hopes to take CoMO Connect toward sustainability

As passenger numbers remain stagnant, the city looks for ways to continue tweaking its transit system.


City Council candidates talk about challenges facing CoMO Connect bus system

Twelve candidates for three Columbia City Council seats responded to a Missourian inquiry about the challenges for CoMO Connect and public transit in Columbia.

City Council candidates offer their views on tax for new airport terminal

Candidates from the First, Second and Sixth wards shared their views on a hotel and motel tax that would help pay for a new terminal at Columbia Regional Airport.