Luetkemeyer to represent Missouri's 9th congressional district

Boone County voters opted for Judy Baker with 58 percent of the vote, but in the end Blaine Luetkemeyer collected 50 percent of the vote in the district, which includes all or part of 25 Missouri counties.

Schaefer unseats Graham, wins 19th District

The first-time candidate collected 48.5 percent of the vote to win the election by about 1,500 votes.

Gibbons concedes AG race to Koster

Republican attorney general candidate Mike Gibbons conceded the Missouri attorney general race to Democrat Chris Koster.

Proposition 1, city water bond, approved

City voters approved a measure to issue $38.9 million in bonds to finance future renovations and additions to the city's water system over the next six years.

Jay Nixon easily wins gubernatorial race

The Democrat was declared the winner by The Associated Press as soon as polls closed.

Republicans keep majority in General Assembly

Obama sweeps to victory as first black president

"Change has come," he declared to a huge throng of cheering supporters.

Upbeat voters flock to polls

Most polling places in Boone County report high turnout.

Missouri polling sites report long lines, heavy turnout

Election officials have been reporting long lines at polling places across Missouri despite accounts of fraudulent messages telling voters to wait to vote until Wednesday.

Constitutional wrap up: Missouri ballot initiatives pass

Missourians have adopted an English-only amendment to the constitution, expanded options for storm water bonds, established a home-care attendant council and increased required renewable energy sources for publicly owned utilities to 15 percent.

2008 election headlines from around the country

A list of online news organizations' headlines about the presidential election.

Political conflict hits home

There is no doubt that politics is divisive — even within families. Especially during the campaign season, the topic is unavoidable.

Obama declared next president

Barack Obama has won the presidential election, according to The Associated Press, The Washington Post, CNN and other news outlets. The AP's official electoral vote tally is 324 for Obama and 124 for John McCain. Two hundred seventy votes are needed to win.

PHOTO GALLERY: Election Day in Boone County

See photos from Boone County voting Tuesday.

Students optimistic their vote will impact election

Some MU students were among the crowd who woke up early to beat the lines at polling places; by 2 p.m., about 1,600 people, most of them students, had voted at MU's Life Sciences Center.

Voter voices from Columbia and Boone County

Read about the views of area voters on many of the issues and candidates on the ballot for Tuesday's election.

Missourian slideshows about the election

The Missourian has been documenting the 2008 election in slideshows. Watch and listen here.

LIVE: Join the Election Day conversation

What are you thinking about as Election Day results come in tonight? Join the conversation by posting your thoughts below and interacting with other readers.

An unexpected meeting in line turns perspective on its head

An MU faculty member meets someone who's had a different experience with voting rights — and all rights. 

Missourian audio about the election

Listen here to learn more about the election from around Boone County today.