Secretary of state condemns false text messages

Voters should not trust text messages and prerecorded calls that encourage them to cast their ballots Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

Record number of voters expected to deluge polls

The spotlight is on polling places Tuesday as long lines and other issues challenge election directors across the country. Voter turnout is anticpated to be high, as registration numbers are up 7.3 percent from the last presidential election.

Celebrities cast ballots citing historic aspect of election

Hip-hop moguls, country musicians and actors used their the celebrity appeal during the campaign, and said they felt powerful at the polls on Tuesday.

Obama volunteers feed, entertain voters waiting in line

Three high school students used their day off of school to offer water and chips to people waiting in line to vote. The Obama supporters were hoping to encourage everyone in line to stay despite the wait.

Going to the polls

Voters talk about what makes them go to the polls.

Obama and McCain vote, prepare final pitches

The candidates in the presidential race took time out at their respective polling places Tuesday morning before getting back on the campaign trail.

Candidates place their votes

Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin all voted this morning. Watch CNN's videos of the candidates as they cast their votes.

Minor machine malfunctions, human mistake surface in Florida polling places

Florida's voters and elections officials are trying to avoid another election meltdown during this historic election.

Democrats head for bigger House majority

The Democratic Party is expected to gain more seats in the House of Representatives after a race fueled by Bush antipathy.

Missouri voters line up early in statewide polling places

Election officials hired more temporary workers, repeatedly tested electronic voting machines, printed more paper ballots and have taken other precautions in anticipation of high turnout.

Ohio's voting systems tested by big turnout

Long lines but few major problems greeted voters Tuesday in Ohio, where a record 80 percent turnout is possible in a swing state that had presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama running neck and neck.

Voters Guide 2008

Biden, Clinton rally suburban Missouri Democrats

Vowing to end the war in Iraq and mocking Sarah Palin and John McCain, Joe Biden spoke to a Kansas City-area crowd on the verge of the election while Hilary Clinton stumped in St. Charles.

Candidates rally for support from swing state Missouri

Monday's political schedule underscores how important Missouri is to both parties. VP candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin appeared at rallies in Lee's Summit and Jefferson City. Polls continue to show Barack Obama and John McCain about even in the bellwether state.

Election winner to defer to president for 77 days

Both Obama and McCain understand the enormous pressure that the Election Day victor will be under to begin taking aggressive action virtually as soon as the votes are counted. But reality likely will prevent much of that from happening. For 77 days after the election, the problems will be George Bush's — and both Barack Obama and John McCain have signaled they will defer to him.

Palin holds rally in Jefferson City

 Jefferson City was one in a series of stops for Palin on the day before the general election. She also had events scheduled Monday in Ohio, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.

Election 2008 Scorecard

Keep your red and blue states straight as results come in with this color-in map.

Palin leads final-day rally at Missouri Capitol

In less than two weeks, Republican vice president candidate made her third trip to Missouri for the rally at the Missouri Capitol, which was attended by thousands of people.

Missouri ranks among states best prepared for polling

It's ranked one of six states named best prepared to ensure all votes will be cast and counted accurately.

ANALYSIS: The presidential battle within Missouri

The key to victory for either candidate might reside in the margins of victory in urban and rural counties across Missouri.