Voter turnout could affect wait time at polling places

Three out of four Missourians registered to vote will cast a ballot Nov. 4, according to an estimate from the secretary of state's office, which has some groups worried about how busy polling places could be on Election Day.

Candidates offer views on Missouri infrastructure funding

One of the issues facing candidates is how to improve funding for Missouri's highway system.

Constitution candidate uneasy about entitlements

James Rensing is in favor of giving more power to the states and would support phasing out Medicare and Medicaid.

Conservative ideals, economic goals drive Kinder re-election bid

He emphasizes his experience advocating for the elderly and promoting tourism.

Democrat says he'll bring reform as lieutenant governor

State Rep. Sam Page, of Creve Coeur, says his top three priorities are helping to relieve the financial burdens on working families, improve education and increase teacher pay.

Libertarian believes state government must be streamlined

After 27 years as a Republican, Teddy Fleck left the GOP and is now running as the Libertarian candidate for lieutenant governor.

Democratic Missouri governor candidate Nixon raises $16 million

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Nixon has raised roughly twice as much during his three-year campaign as Republican rival Kenny Hulshof, according to reports filed Monday with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Poll: Obama, McCain about even in Missouri

A  poll of 800 likely Missouri voters showed Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are about even in the presidential race. In the gubernatorial race, Democrat Jay Nixon was ahead of Republican Kenny Hulshof.

Palin to campaign in Cape Girardeau

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be in the state again for a Thursday morning campaign in Cape Girardeau.

ANALYSIS: Straight ticket no longer option in Mo.

Calif. gay marriage ban becomes big money race

It's drawn money from every state in the country and nearly two dozen nations. And it's raised a record amount for any social ballot issue. The list of donors includes Brad Pitt, the mother of the founder of Blackwater, the Knights of Columbus, Kate Capshaw and more.

Fair elections, voter fraud top issues for Republican

Secretary of State candidate Hubbard's fight against a 2006 amendment on stem cell research sparked his interest in becoming secretary of state.

Law enforcement key for Constitution Party candidate

Denise Neely, who is running for secretary of state, is an organized candidate who wants to provide more information to the public, said Donna Ivanovich, Missouri Constitution Party chairwoman.

Efficiency needed in Missouri government, Libertarian says

Wes Upchurch, 21, is the Libertarian candidate for secretary of state.

Incumbent secretary of state has politics in her blood

Robin Carnahan belongs to the fifth generation of her family involved in politics. She's running for a second term as Missouri secretary of state.

Amendment 1 would make English official language for government meetings

Proponents of the Missouri constitutional amendment call it benign; opponents call it unwelcoming to immigrants.

Ballot measure would eliminate gamblers' loss limits

The proposition also would increase amount casinos pay to government.

Proposition B creates argument over home health care standards, union

Opponents of Proposition B say it's a misguided move toward creating a union.

City asks for bonds for renovation of water system

The city will vote on Nov. 4 on financing renovations and additions to the water system, which will total $38.9 million. The renovations were designed with the six-year goal of "getting more water where it needs to go," said Connie Kacprowicz of Columbia's Water and Light utility.

Amendment 4 would ease restrictions on state storm water bonds

Local entities could apply for grants and loans to improve infrastructure.