VP candidate Biden to speak in Columbia on Tuesday

Governor’s race debates hit MU on J-school centennial

Republican Congressman Kenny Hulshof and Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon both confirm they will participate in a 3:15 p.m. debate on Sept. 11.

Local GOP members laud Gustav focus, split on Palin

Many reiterated a common theme in backing Republicans' decision to postpone convention events in favor of focusing on aid to victims of Hurricane Gustav: Patriotism has no party.

Palin gets warm reception at McCain rally in O'Fallon

The Republican presidential campaign made a stop in O’Fallon on Sunday in preparation for the upcoming convention in Minnesota, but the focus was more on Sarah Palin and the impending hurricane.

Black residents share thoughts on Obama nomination

Young and old, black residents talk about what it means to them to see a black man receive the Democratic nomination for president.

MU students react to Obama's address

Students who watched Barack Obama's Democratic National Convention speech on television were impressed by his push for unity and change, but not all were sold on the candidate.

Seniors weigh in on presidential election

Conversations with patrons of The Senior Center reflect the myriad opinions of older Columbia residents.

Wednesday was voting day for Missouri's delegates

Former Gov. Bob Holden urged all delegates to come together and vote for Barack Obama. Other delegates described what the day has been like.

Missouri delegates reflect on Democratic National Convention

Two 9th District delegates speak about their time in Denver and relay the energy of the convention.

Claire McCaskill speaks at Democratic National Convention

Read the text of Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill's speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Hulshof unveils health care plan

He described it as a voluntary government-administered health savings plan all Missouri residents could buy into, regardless of income or employment status.

Clinton salutes Obama during prime time DNC address

In her address to the DNC on the second night, Clinton calls Obama “my candidate.”

Obama introduces Biden as his running mate

He called the senator from Delaware a man "ready to step in and be president."

McCaskill prepares for prime time speech

The pressure is on to perform because she has a particularly choice spot on the Democratic National Convention program. She's speaking Monday night right before headline speaker Michelle Obama.

UPDATE: Hulshof, Nixon disagree on economy

But they agreed that better training for the state's work force will be a big part of their plans to expand the economy.

Nader to appear on Missouri ballot in November

The secretary of state's office said Thursday that Ralph Nader supporters submitted more than the required numbed of signatures to get him and vice presidential candidate Matt Gonzalez on the ballot.

Ethics Commission not finished with Koster

Several complaints about Chris Koster's fundraising have yet to be handled by the state Ethics Commission. These were filed by a Lee's Summit resident in June.

UPDATE: Koster officially wins attorney general race by 780 votes

Margaret Donnelly now has seven days to ask for a recount.

Hulshof promotes energy plan in House speech

He addresses chamber during August recess to encourage exploration for energy in Missouri as well as in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.

Young delegates prepare for Democratic convention

Earlier this week, a trio of students attended a fundraiser held in their honor before traveling to next week's Democratic National Convention in Denver.