Candidates for City Council

John G. Clark, Paul Sturtz, Karen Baxter and Almeida Crayton run for 1st Ward. Laura Nauser is uncontested in the 5th Ward.

Rod Jetton considering governor race

Another major Missouri Republican has joined the ranks of those confirming an interest in the job that Gov. Matt Blunt announced Tuesday he would not seek to retain. House Speaker Rod Jetton said Thursday he is considering an entrance into the gubernatorial race.

Lt. Gov. Kinder formally announces he will run for governor

Kinder’s decision makes him the first to enter in the wake of Blunt’s announcement.

Bode running for Missouri 9th Congressional District

Serving his 14th year as Marion County presiding commissioner, Democrat Lyndon Bode has begun campaigning for the Missouri 9th Congressional District seat.

Eastside Tavern owner drops out of First Ward race

Eastside Tavern owner Paul Nuccio announced on his MySpace page that he will no longer run for the First Ward seat, endorsing fellow downtown businessman Paul Sturtz.

Nixon emphasizes Democratic party unity

Democratic gubenatorial candidate Jay Nixon focused on Democratic unity. Nixon’s statement comes in the wake of Blunt’s announcement that he will not seek re-election.

Blunt’s surprise exit not Missouri politics’ first

Gov. Matt Blunt’s decision not to run in this year’s gubernatorial race is similar to past state politicians.

Potential players in the next gubernatorial race

Several noteworthy names are on the meter for Missouri's top government spot.

Analysis: To win, Nixon now must campaign like Blunt

Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon has been campaigning for years against Republican Gov. Matt Blunt. To win, Nixon now must campaign just like Blunt — as someone calling for change from the failed policies of a governor no longer on the ballot.

Blunt says he lost sense of mission

The governor declined to endorse any of the numerous Republican candidates who have announced plans to enter the race.

Seven candidates to vie for three school board seats

Three new school board candidates submitted their candidacy on the district’s last day for filing.

Bloggers react to Governor’s announcement

People voice their opinions on Governor Blunt’s decision to not run for re-election.

Columbia Pachyderm Club to host Rep. Steven Tilley

Missouri Republican Rep. Steven Tilley will be in Columbia on Friday to speak on the behalf of Rudy Guiliani to the Columbia Pachyderm Club.

Text of Blunt's Address to Missourians

Gov. Matt Blunt announced Tuesday that he will not seek a second term.

What do you think about the governor's decision to not run for a second term?

Tell us what you think about the governor's decision to not run for re-election

Gov. Matt Blunt won't run for re-election

Gov. Matt Blunt announced Tuesday afternoon that he will not run for re-election this year.

Three in the running for hospital trustee slots

Former Boone County Presiding Commissioner Keith Schnarre will challenge incumbent Fred Parry for a five-year term on the board that governs the county-owned Boone Hospital Center. Freshman incumbent Brian Neuner will seek a one-year term.

Candidates for 24th District House seat raise a combined $57,000 before Dec. 31

Republican incumbent Rep. Ed Robb, according to his Jan. 15 quarterly report, has raised about $15,000 total for the Aug. 5 primary. Democrat Chris Kelly has raised about $42,000 total.

Blunt proposes millions of dollars in new spending

Gov. Matt Blunt, known for his reputation as a fiscal conservative, has recently proposed many millions of dollars in spending beyond the current budget.

Project Vote Smart parks in Jefferson City

Project Vote Smart is a non-partisan, non-profit voter education organization that is traveling the country to spread the word about the nation’s first “voter self-defense system,” a giant database of roughly 40,000 candidates who are running for office in the U.S.