Family volunteers to help pull turtle traps

The Missouri Department of Conservation placed traps in pools at Eagle Bluffs on Tuesday; on Wednesday, volunteers of all ages gathered at Eagle Bluffs Headquarters to help pull the traps from the pools and help process the turtles' information into their database.

Obama to create world's largest ocean preserve

The White House's Council on Environmental Quality said the waters in the south-central Pacific Ocean contain "some of the most pristine tropical marine environments in the world."

Burning wood for energy ignites debate over carbon emissions

Some say biomass is environmentally friendly because trees can regrow and recapture the carbon released when other trees are burned. Others say it reduces the size of forests and increases the time it takes the remaining trees to recapture carbon.

Hog farm forum leaves mid-Missouri residents with questions

Roughly 100 mid-Missouri residents attended an open forum Tuesday night to discuss a proposed concentrated animal feeding operation. No representatives from the company that would run the operation attended the meeting. 

Scientists explore using trees to clean pollution

One of the nation's largest chemical companies and one of its oldest conservation groups have forged an unlikely partnership that seeks to recreate dense forest to curb pollution.

Missouri conservation panel approves rules to fight chronic wasting disease

The changes, which apply to wildlife breeding facilities and big-game hunting preserves, are still subject to a public comment period before they take effect.

Paddlefish pose management challenge for Missouri conservationists

Not only is sport fishing for paddlefish popular, but the fish is also prized for its caviar, which invites poaching. Hatcheries are important to keeping populations healthy.


UPDATE: Obama says power plant rule will shrink power prices

States could have until 2017 to submit a plan to cut power plant pollution, and 2018 if they join with other states to tackle the problem, according to the EPA's proposal.

Obama makes public health pitch for carbon rules

In his weekly address, Obama described his effort to curb greenhouse gases as essential to protect the health of children..

How Obama's power plant emission rules will work

On Monday the Obama administration will unveil rules for limiting carbon emissions from power plants.

Columbia Public Works installs porous pavement system as stormwater solution

The Columbia Public Works Department placed a porous pavement system outside the Grissum Building The system has created 14 new parking spaces and will filter stormwater runoff.

One solution for invasive species: Eat them

The idea of eating invasive species has gained momentum recently from the lionfish, which invaded the Gulf of Mexico but was successfully marketed to restaurants and today appears to be in decline.

Ameren Missouri cleanup progressing in Columbia

Ameren Missouri has removed 18,000 out an estimated 30,000 tons of contaminated soil at a former manufactured gas plant.

Missourian Minute: Ninth Street Garden

Ninth Street Garden is aplot maintained by nearby residents and fellow Columbians.

MU participates in nationwide recycling competition

MU is participating in the RecycleMania Tournament, an eight-week competition among 461 colleges and universities across North America that determines which school recycles the most.


2014 hunting and fishing permits available beginning March 1

The Missouri Department of Conservation released new regulations for the 2014 fishing and hunting seasons. Permits for the 2014 season will be available March 1 for purchase.

Local kayaker to reflect on trip in Tuesday evening talk

Janet Moreland will share experiences and photos from her "source to sea" kayak trip down the Missouri River in a presentation Tuesday at Les Bourgeois Vineyards Bistro in Rocheport.

Winter trout fishing underway at Columbia park

Columbia residents enjoyed fishing through the Winter Trout Fishing Program at Cosmo-Bethel Park. The program is catch and release through Jan. 31.

U.S. agriculture policy to be subject of forum Thursday night

Members of the public are invited to take part in a discussion of U.S. farm policy and the farm bill. The featured speaker will be Dr. Pat Westhoff, a professor in the MU Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

Cave-dwelling fish of Missouri added to endangered list

The grotto sculpin of Perry County is threatened by contaminated water and will be listed as endangered effective Oct. 25.