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PHOTO GALLERY: MU students celebrate another year

New GI Bill to cover tuition entirely at participating schools

Columbia College is participating in a new program, which took effect at the beginning of this month, that could cover full tuition for veterans enrolled there. To receive benefits under the Yellow Ribbon Program, a veteran must complete 36 months of aggregate active duty.

Federal grant helps create MU math and life sciences program

A new program at MU will build a community of students and faculty around the intersection of mathematics and life sciences. The program is funded by a five-year, $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

Columbia colleges using new technologies to improve learning, communication

Students can expect new technologies available to improve learning and  prepare them for life outside a college campus.

Technological advancements increase human interaction in online classes

Technological advancements at MU and Stephens and Columbia colleges are intended to make online courses more like in-person classroom experiences.

Open source textbooks give students a cheaper option

Eric Frank, co-founder of a New York-based open source textbook distributor, describes the free open source textbooks as act two in the digital textbook movement. Two Missouri universities are working with Frank's company to use digital textbooks in their classes this fall.

Online textbooks are gaining popularity, changing how students study

As the cost of printed textbooks continues to rise, some students and professors are turning to digital options to supplement learning. Online textbooks can provide additional information and resources to supplement material covered in lecture.

Administrators, professors look to social media to communicate with students

Columbia area educators are adopting social media as a new way of teaching and connecting with students. Educators aren't sure how best to use this technology, but are trying it out in a variety of ways.

Stephens president uses social media to connect with campus

Stephens College President Dianne Lynch blogs about her personal experiences at Stephens to connect with students she wouldn't normally be able to speak to.

MU professor will experiment using social media in his classroom

MU professor Larry Brown has decided to try incorporating Facebook into his teaching, but is wary of it's ability to replace in-person conversation.

MU convergence instructor creates Twitter buzz

New MU journalism faculty member Jim Macmillan has more than 50,000 Twitter followers. He thinks journalism students will need to know how to use social networking.

Columbia College student teachers gain direct placement in public schools

Starting in the fall, student teachers at Columbia College can work directly with seven schools in the Columbia Public School District. Previously, they had to secure placement by going through MU's program.

School officials, police talk safety at conference

Day two of the school safety and security conference featured Aaron Richman, co-director of the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response and a former police officer from Israel.

Teacher gets veterans back on campus using all-veteran classes

At Cleveland State University, John Schupp is helping veterans feel comfortable on campus using all-veteran classes. Now programs are popping up at other universities using Cleveland State as a model.

Benefits of new GI Bill vary from state to state

The new GI Bill will go into effect on Aug. 1, and in some ways, it's the most generous version of the bill yet, but only in certain states. In other states, such as California, the bill's benefits will hardly be felt at all.

Dear freshmen: Here's a bit of advice before starting college

An introduction to Collegetown.

A typical day in the life of a freshman at MU

Three upper-class students relive a typical day from their freshman year in hopes of preparing incoming freshmen for their first year of college.

The Rec Center: Three levels of exercise possibilities

The MU Student Recreation Center was chosen by Sports Illustrated as the No. 1 campus recreation facility in America.

Plenty of places for bargain shopping in Columbia

Finding clothes on a college student's budget can be difficult, but a number of retailers in Columbia make the task much easier.

New students' questions answered

Summer Welcome staff provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from incoming freshman.