Higher Education

Departments find innovative ways to save MU money

All divisions were asked in January to prune $5.2 million in nonpayroll items such as travel, equipment and supplies this fiscal year. In the end, the cuts will save the university $100,000 more than requested.

MU professor faces challenges in run for president of Sudan

Abdullahi Ibrahim, a history professor at MU for the last 15 years, wants to be the next president of Sudan. He must first gain approval to terminate his MU contract before taking on the task of running for office in the war-ravaged African country.

Stephens College names Ithaca dean Dianne Lynch its next president

Stephens College has selected Dianne Lynch, a dean at New York's Ithaca College, as its next president.  She describes herself as a student-centered faculty member and  has received a warm reception at Stephens.

Outdoor café serving food and needs

University Catering opened the Outdoor Soup and Sandwich Café for students, faculty and staff on March 4. It is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the Carnahan Quad in between Hulston Hall and Reynolds Alumni Center.

In the end, redesigned hospital gowns could make patients happier

A North Carolina State University research team is designing a new hospital gown, one that is less revealing than ones currently used.

Poster contest showcases research by MU life sciences

More than 300 entries competed in five categories.

MU guest lecture focuses on identity of black female adolescents

Sheila Walker, a guest lecturer at MU on Friday, conducted two years of ethnographic research in Los Angeles County on how African-American girls form their identity.

Biden pledges to alleviate college tuition burden during Missouri visit

At a town-hall style meeting at University of Missouri-St. Louis, Vice President Joe Biden said the adminstration will explore ways to make higher education more affordable, possibly with low-interest loans against 529s and by extending tax credits.

MU power plant replaces old boiler with biomass boiler

One of MU power plant's six boilers will be replaced with a biomass boiler. The replacement project will cost $62 million and be funded from bonds and, possibly, stimulus money.

Stephens College president receives education award

President of Stephens College Wendy Libby was named the Outstanding Higher Education Professional of 2009 by the University of Connecticut's Neag School of Education and Alumni Society.

MU's Division of IT upgrades storage, recovery of e-mail system

MU's Division of Information Technology is updating the e-mail systems for students and faculty, with a goal of finishing by early summer. The upgrade is standard but will now allow students to keep their e-mail addresses after graduation.

MU groups particate in Social Justice Seder

More than 100 Jewish and non-Jewish individuals gathered Tuesday evening at the Hillel Foundation to participate in the 4th annual Social Justice Seder.

Missouri House approves $700 million college bond package

The money would be designated to fund building needs at all two-year and four-year Missouri colleges and universities. The Missouri Senate as well as voters must approve the legislation for it to go into effect. Some critics of the package think the state should avoid increasing its debt.

Schedule change could take out East Campus trash problem

City staff will discuss the possibility of moving the East Campus trash collection day from Wednesday to Monday to combat the problem of residents putting trash out too early.

Songwriter Steve Means to perform at Stephens

Means has an acoustic sound and an eclectic performance. On Thursday, he will be at the Pit at Stephens College.

Black Parents Association hosts college prep workshop

The workshop will be held from 7-9 p.m. Thursday at St. Luke United Methodist Church. It is free and open to the public, and all high school students are welcome to attend.

2009 Columbia Voters Guide

Get the details on where the City Council and Columbia School Board candidates stand on the issues.

Curators approve contract for Mike Anderson

The seven-year deal will pay the Missouri basketball coach $1.35 million each season.

UM System Board of Curators votes on tuition rate Friday

Meanwhile, the curators' Finance Committee voted to keep both tuition rates for undergraduate and graduate students at the same rate from fiscal year 2009 for fiscal year 2010.

Missouri State won't raise tuition

The university cited an agreement between Gov. Jay Nixon and Missouri colleges and universities to not raise fees for the 2009-10 school year.