Higher Education

MU welcomes new chair of psychiatry

John Lauriello, currently a professor and vice chair of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico, will lead MU's Department of Psychiatry as the Chancellor's Chair of Excellence in Psychiatry.

Forsee will address State of the University

A live stream of his speech will be available Friday morning on the UM System Web site.

Target amounts set for non-salary expense reductions at MU

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton targeted in a memo Thursday morning $5.3 million in cuts to be spread out among MU schools, colleges and other divisions.

UM Board subcommittee votes to expand Forsee's authority

University of Missouri System President Gary Forsee called for emergency measures to confront the university's economic troubles in a meeting with the Board of Curators on Thursday.

AAUP calls UM president's proposal a "backdoor salary cut"

The American Association of University Professors objected Wednesday to UM President Gary Forsee's proposal to make faculty pay a portion of their retirement benefits and give the sytem president power to impose unpaid leaves of absence.

Some MU students frustrated with new student center

MU opened its new bookstore Jan. 5 and while the students have given the bookstore positive reviews, there have been a few reported inconveniences. Students are finding insufficient seating in the new dining area, just one entrance into the bookstore and no bathrooms.

UPDATE: Forsee says no pay raises for UM employees

System employees will also have to share the cost of their retirement benefits and the president would have the option to furlough employees "if necessary"  — if the Board of Curators agree to Gary Forsee's plan.

Universities across country institute furloughs

UM System President Gary Forsee is asking for the authority to institute furloughs if necessary, a move several universities across the country have already taken.

FORSEE MEMO: Proposed compensation and benefit plan changes

Click here to read the full text of UM System President Gary Forsee's memo to faculty and staff regarding his proposed changes to staff benefits.

Hindman: Higher ed keeps Columbia resistant to economic downturns

Columbia was featured on CNBC on Tuesday in a segment about how the city has largely resisted the economic downturn facing the country.

Forsee wants UM employees to pay for retirement benefits

The UM System president will also ask curators to give him the power to implement furloughs.

Proposed Missouri Promise program earns support of students, parents

Families and administrators see potential benefits of Gov. Jay Nixon's proposal to expand the A+ Schools Program and institute a four-year university scholarship for students who meet certain criteria.

MU College of Education joins students on Facebook

The MU College of Education uses social networking site Facebook to recruit students and connect with current students.

Extension evaluates impact of potential cut in state funding

Extension officials fear that a large cut to the program would have lasting negative impacts.

Odd men out: Why 17 men attend Stephens College

For decades, Stephens College has admitted a handful of men to its undergraduate programs as "male apprentices." Faculty in the college's key programs of theater and dance believe including men provides a more realistic performance environment for the women. The men feel both the privilege and the responsibility that come with being a "Stephens man." They also feel the oddity of it.

Global Scholars program on hold for at least a year

Faculty members had already been nominated for 2009 trips to Turkey and Vietnam, but those itineraries will be put on hold.

Energy use monitoring program to be installed in residence halls

 An energy-monitoring program at MU called Building Dashboard will debut in Schurz Hall on Tuesday.

Retired General addresses MU ROTC cadets

Retired Lt. Gen. Jim Campbell talked to MU ROTC cadets about leadership and personal integrity at Ellis Auditorium on Wednesday.

Nixon repeats pledge to spare higher education from cuts

He also made suggestions for how the University of Missouri should spend its money.

Flat-rate tuition led Missouri student to a Kansas university

Governor Jay Nixon called for the need for more affordability in Missouri public universities in his State of the State address by using the example of Jennifer Long, a student who chose to go to Pittsburg State University in Kansas because of their flat rate tuition fees.