Higher Education

Flat-rate tuition led Missouri student to a Kansas university

Governor Jay Nixon called for the need for more affordability in Missouri public universities in his State of the State address by using the example of Jennifer Long, a student who chose to go to Pittsburg State University in Kansas because of their flat rate tuition fees.

MU hiring freeze creates faculty vacancies

At the MU Faculty Council meeting, Deputy Provost Ken Dean said there are about 117 faculty vacancies. He also said the search for a dean of the College of Education has been canceled until next year.

KCOU to stop FM broadcast for at least two months

MU's student-run radio station KCOU/88.1 FM will be broadcast online only at least through spring break.

Nixon vows to avoid cutting higher education budget in 2010

Gov. Jay Nixon vows not to cut the state budget on higher education in return for low tuition costs.

Nixon pledges no tuition increase, cuts to universities

UM President Gary Forsee said the condition of the economy would keep the hiring freeze in place for now.

MU Research Reactor poised for global production of medical radioisotope

The MU Nuclear Research Reactor Center is aiming to add another distinction to its name: first domestic producer of Molybdenum-99.

To ban or not to ban: Bisphenol-A in food is OK with FDA but not with some scientists

Researchers argue that BPA is a public health risk and should be banned now. The controversy over whether to regulate BPA has caught the attention of the Obama administration.

Former UM System Curator Mary L. James dies at 59

She died Friday at Kansas City Hospice House in Kansas City of pancreatic cancer. She had been appointed to the Board of Curators by Gov. Mel Carnahan in 1999 and served as president in 2005. Mrs. James was active in many organizations.

Former Sen. Pell, creator of Pell Grants, dies at 90

The unabashed liberal represented Rhode Island for 36 years and was the force behind the grant program that has aided tens of millions of Americans go to college.

Life Changes: MU graduate finds first job in Korea

Burgundy Anderson received business and psychology degrees from MU, but she is now working in Korea teaching English to middle and elementary students. For her, life after college has brought unexpected challenges and rewards.

Missouri agribusiness unit returns from Afghanistan

The unit is a pilot program developed through a partnership of the National Guard Bureau, the University of Missouri and the Missouri Farm Bureau. The 47 soldiers arrived Wednesday in Springfield.

Report says Missouri universities', colleges' tuition may soar, economy may suffer

Cuts in state funding for universities and colleges could result in major tuition increases, the possible closing of one university and a negative impact on the state's economy, according to a report from the Missouri Department of Education.

History of budget cuts at MU stretches to university's beginning

Construction projects were halted and portions of faculty salaries were withheld during the Great Depression.

Missourian will continue to publish thanks to university's commitment

The MU provost, chancellor and UM system president reaffirmed the unversity's financial support of the Missourian in recognition of its importance to the campus as a teaching and research laboratory. We know, though, that deep cuts are expected, and we're ready to make them.

MU holds commencement ceremonies over the weekend

About 500 graduates were at Hearnes Center for the College of Arts and Science commencement ceremony.

Impact of funding cuts will be felt 'across all dimensions,' Forsee says

At a news conference Friday, University of Missouri System President Gary Forsee reiterated the fact that the impact of potential cuts in state funding will affect everyone. He said he will examine combinations of cost-cutting measures so that impact is minimal and does not burden any one group.

Forsee files UM budget cut scenarios

UM System President Gary Forsee filed a budget reduction impact statement with the state Department of Higher Education on Thursday. The report details the impacts of possible reductions in state appropriations of 15, 20 or 25 percent. The cuts could result in reductions in faculty, staff and student workers and an increase in tuition.

UM System report describes possible cuts, tuition increase

The budget report details the predicted effects of possible reductions in state appropriations of 15 percent, 20 percent or 25 percent — a loss for MU ranging from $30.4 million to $50.6 million in fiscal year 2010.

Stealth technology pioneer to get honorary MU doctorate

F. Robert Naka will receive an honorary doctorate from the MU College of Engineering on Friday for his outstanding work in the field of electrical engineering. Naka worked on the U-2 spy plane and stealth technology for the SR-71 Blackbird, served as the U.S. Air Force’s chief scientist and ran a covert government reconnaissance office.

Cuts could affect MU Health Care's service reach

Reduced state funding for the UM System could result in job cuts at MU Health Care and services at the Missouri Rehabilitation Center could be closed, according to a report submitted to the state Thursday by James Ross, CEO of MU Health Care.