Higher Education

MU faculty seeks answers as chancellor provides few specifics on budget cuts

At Wednesday's general faculty meeting, MU faculty members sought specific ways potential budget cuts of up to 25 percent might affect them. But few specifics were given because the future is still too uncertain, Chancellor Brady Deaton said.

UMKC announces new chancellor

UMKC's interim chancellor, Leo Morton, has been persuaded to take the permanent position.

Former student sues R.I. social work school

A 45-year-old former student enrolled in the Rhode Island College School of Social Work is suing the school because he thinks he was punished for his conservative views.  William Felkner said that his grades were penalized because he failed to adopt a left-wing ideology.

Stephens College confers 52 degrees at December commencement

Saturday's ceremony was one of President Wendy Libby's last commencements at Stephens. Stephens presented 27 bachelor’s and 25 master’s degrees to student.

UM curators brace themselves for tough 2009

The UM System Board of Curators prepared itself at Friday's meeting in St. Louis for what curators repeatedly said could be a difficult year.

UM System to release details of possible budget cuts

The plan, which will be submitted to the Missouri Department of Higher Education by Dec. 18, will address areas likely to be affected by potential budget cuts of up to 25 percent, including programs and departments, employees, tuition and enrollment.

UPDATE: Stem cell critics file revised suit to block funding

Missouri Roundtable for life has filed a lawsuit similar to one dismissed by Cole County Judge Richard Callahan in November. The suit seeks to block $21 millon in life science research funding.

UM Intercampus Faculty Council talks potential cuts in closed meeting

The council met Tuesday with President Gary Forsee, but system spokesperson Jennifer Hollingshead said she didn't know what was said in the closed meeting and wouldn't be able to release documents handed out during it.

UM Intercampus Faculty Council seeks input on potential cuts

An e-mail from Steve Graham, UM System vice president for academic affairs, says that UM System President Gary Forsee is asking for faculty members' suggestions of ways to cope with potential budget cuts of up to 25 percent.

Columbia College in top 20 of military-friendly colleges

Columbia College was named one of the top 20 military-friendly institutions in the country. Columbia College has 17 campuses on military bases and has developed a system to help military students get an education.

MU Faculty Council debates potential effects of hiring freeze

MU faculty members debated what they should do regarding the systemwide hiring freeze at Thursday's Faculty Council meeting. The council also pushed forward a resolution asking MU administrators to change a policy for inclement weather.

Missouri, 48 states flunk study on higher ed affordability

Low-income families have been hardest hit. Nationally, enrollment at a local public college costs families in the top fifth of income just 9 percent of their earnings, while families from the bottom fifth pay 55 percent — up from 39 percent in 1999-2000.

Exhibit celebrates Memorial Union's history

 The Transcendent Tower exhibit in the lobby of Memorial Union North aims to celebrate the history as well as the architectural significance of the Union through pictures and text.

Columbia mother wins full-ride scholarship for online education

Columbia mom Sandy Decker entered an essay contest and was awarded a full-ride scholarship for an online education. The online education will make it easier for Decker to balance work, family and goals of her own.

Chancellor explains effects of hiring freeze on MU

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton clarified the exceptions to the UM System-wide hiring freeze. The freeze, effective Nov. 17, will not include positions funded by external grants and contracts, positions funded by gift or endowment positions or federal work study student positions. Other positions will have to meet specific criteria to be unfrozen.

Universities post record minority enrollments

Student enrollment at universities in Kansas and Missouri has been increasingly diverse this year.

Former UM System president takes $100,000 pay cut

The Washington State University board of regents accepted Elson Floyd's suggestion for the voluntary $100,000 pay cut. He will now earn $625,000 a year serving as president of the university.

Forum addresses potential MU budget shortfall

Administrators are “between a rock and a hard place” in planning the budget for fiscal year 2010, MU Provost Brian Foster said Friday at an open forum for faculty and staff.

Of transmission and transition: KCOU prepares for its future

KCOU's relationship with the Missouri Students Association senate will end slowly over the next five years, along with the funding it receives from MSA. The station's management hopes KCOU will survive by gaining new listeners and finding new sources of revenue.

About 50 positions remain open in hiring freeze, Deaton says

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton said Tuesday that about 50 positions, including research and grant- and contract-funded faculty positions, are unfrozen. The rest of the 300 open positions will be closed.