Higher Education

MU surpasses $1 billion fundraising goal

MU officially joined the Billion Dollar Club on Friday with Chancellor Brady Deaton’s announcement that donations and gifts to the university have surpassed $1 billion in the university’s "For All We Call Mizzou" campaign, set to end in December.

MU students go barefoot for charity

TOMS shoes gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes purchased at their on-campus event.

Shoe company will hold charitable event at MU on Friday

A California company that donates one pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair it sells will bring shoes to purchase and decorate.

MU sees application increase for fall 2009

An early look at enrollment data for fall 2009 shows that the number of applications to MU is way up, making MU the only Big 12 university seeing an increase in applications for next year.

Nuclear disarmament hinges on citizen involvement, advocate says

Nuclear disarmament advocates discuss some of the problems the disarmament movement faces.

Faculty votes in favor of new grievance policy

MU faculty voted Wednesday to amend the grievance procedure, according to Faculty Council Chairman Tom Phillips. One of the major changes would be to include an administrator on the initial body that gathers and evaluates information related to a complaint. 

Missouri House candidates Robb, Kelly debate higher education

Republican Rep. Ed Robb and former legislator Chris Kelly agree that higher education needs to be better funded but disagree on who would be the more effective legislator.

Forsee gift to help bring distance learning closer

UM-system campuses will soon be installing Cisco TelePresence systems. These videoconferencing rooms include large, high-resolution screens that show conferencing participants life-sized, as if they were sitting at the other end of the table.

UPDATE: Forsee gift helps bring new technology to UM System

After a $1 million donation from UM System President Gary Forsee and his wife, Sherry, and another $1 million from Cisco Systems and AT&T, UM System campuses will soon be installing Cisco TelePresence systems.

MU Counseling Center seeks to add staff

MU's Counseling Center falls far short of one national standard that recommends one full-time professional staff member for every 1,000 to 1,500 students.

New MU faculty grievance policy is up for vote

On Wednesday, the MU faculty may vote to add an administrator to its grievance resolution panel. The administrator would be part of the initial body that gathers and evaluates information related to a complaint.

UM System focuses on lobbying efforts

With the upcoming election of a new governor and several state legislators, now is the time for the UM System to launch a strong lobbying effort, system President Gary Forsee told the Board of Curators on Friday.

Board of Curators discusses 'strategic direction'

UM System President Gary Forsee wants the system to be clear about its goals and intended direction, particularly with next month's election of a new governor and state senators and representatives. The Board of Curators is also scheduled to vote Friday on two campus improvement plans for the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

PHOTO GALLERY: Homecoming tradition continues

The ninth M-I-Z-B-B-Q had the theme, Under the Stripes: You Can't Tame the Tigers." 

Two-thirds of open faculty positions released to MU departments

Thanks in part to higher-than-expected revenue, about 50 vacant positions have been released to MU deans to allow for new hires. The positions had been slated to remain open so that salaries allotted for those positions would be reallocated to raise faculty salaries across MU.

MU Student Life hosts Tiger football watch party

Two thousand chicken wings and 100 pizzas. That's what Missouri fans attending the Tiger watch party Saturday night can plan to sink their teeth into. And it's all free. The watch party for the Missouri Tigers game against the No. 1 Texas Longhorns will be in Jesse Auditorium.

Group commemorates those who commit suicide because of discrimination

The MU organization Allies in Action placed 1,752 flags on Carhahan Quadrangle on Thursday to represent the number of people who commit suicide each year among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

MU to vote on new grievance policy

MU faculty members will vote Oct. 29 on a new policy that could change the way grievances are handled. 

MU will continue plan to increase faculty salaries

Despite the uncertainty of the current economy, MU will continue its plan to improve faculty salaries.

Students find ways to meet financial demands in tough economy

College students are noticing a difference in their daily lives as the effects of the economy begin to filter down. Some students are making changes to cut costs such as cycling more and driving less, taking fewer trips home and taking more trips to the plasma bank.