Higher Education

Since 1908: The Missourian's story

Fortune magazine senior editor returns to MU

Carol Loomis, an MU alumna and senior editor-at-large for Fortune magazine, returned for the Journalism School's centennial to participate in a discussion about how magazines and newspapers need to change to survive in a digital world.



Centennial celebration reaches final day

MU rec complex to close during home football games

The day-long closures will occur during all home games to save on operating expenses during the complex's little-used periods.

MU Law School receives $1.1 million for first endowed chair

The gift is from Robert L. Hawkins Jr., a law school alumnus, and his wife, Elizabeth Hunter Hawkins, in honor of Dale A. Whitman, who was a professor and dean of the law school from 1982 to 1988.



New journalism institute links past, present and future

Located on the northeast end of Francis Quadrangle, the Reynolds Journalism Institute houses a revamped journalism program and an institute seeking to revitalize an industry.

MU battles to close rec complex tanning beds

Owners of Tan Time LLC, which operates The Spa, are still operating through a restraining order despite MU's attempt to shut down the service over the summer.



Amethyst Initiative pushes for lower drinking age

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton and UM System President Gary Forsee both oppose the petition, which calls for the federal drinking age recommendation to be knocked down from 21 to 19.

Hulshof vows to boost spending on higher ed

The Republican gubernatorial candidate also said he would bring more private money to colleges and universities.

2008 Centennial schedule of events

Here is a list of Wednesday's events and the week's tours and exhibits for the MU journalism school's 100th anniversary.

Journalism School centennial celebration begins Wednesday

The Journalism School invites Columbians to join in its celebration of the past and its approach to the future. Many events remain open and free to the public.

Economy keeps many J-School alumni at home for Centennial

Around 20,000 invitations were mailed out to J-School alumni for the centennial celebration; 1,900 tickets to the party have been sold. When we asked alumni why they weren't coming, many blamed the economy and the time of the celebration.

Illinois governor declares Tigers Day to settle bet

Because Missouri whipped Illinois in football last weekend, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich had to proclaim Saturday "University of Missouri Tigers Day."

Greene County likely to turn to MU for forensic services

The county has been unable to hire a medical examiner, and MU has provided forensic pathology services for other counties.

Curators emphasize efficiency in two-day meeting

During its meeting Thursday and Friday, the UM System Board of Curators heard about increased enrollment across the four-campus system, talked about increases in financial aid and future salary increases as boons to the university system.

Stephens alumna addresses difficult rise in Navy

Vice Adm. Nancy Brown, the highest-ranking female U.S. naval officer, returned to her alma mater to speak at Stephens College’s 175th annual convocation on Thursday morning.

MU graduate joins UM System’s communication leadership team

Cindy Pollard brings higher education experience to her new job as associate vice president of the strategic communications office.



Governor’s race debates hit MU on J-school centennial

Republican Congressman Kenny Hulshof and Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon both confirm they will participate in a 3:15 p.m. debate on Sept. 11.

Missourian will seek bids for partner

The paper was in talks with the Columbia Daily Tribune to turn the Missourian into a five-day-a-week product. But then the owner of the Jefferson City News-Tribune said it wanted to bid on the project. Now others will get a chance to bid, too.

Stephens College to hold convocation Thursday

Nancy Brown, the highest-ranking female officer ever in the U.S. Navy, will be the keynote speaker at Stephens College's annual convocation.