Higher Education

Goodbye, GCB — hello, Strickland Hall

MU’s General Classroom Building was renamed to honor Professor Emeritus Arvarh E. Strickland, the university’s first African-American professor.

Government distributes $39.4 million to state universities

Gov. Matt Blunt’s higher education initiative calls for MOHELA to pay the state $350 million over several years. The money will fund various college construction projects.

MU residential life welcomes its first visually impaired staff member

Jim Pelfrey and his Seeing Eye dog, Opal, have just moved into MU’s Hudson Hall, where Pelfrey will serve as residential life’s first visually impaired staff member.

Author of “Jewel” visits MU

Bret Lott’s book “Jewel” was selected by Oprah’s Book Club and the Lott will visit MU and conduct two lectures.

TA arrested on suspicion of theft and outstanding warrant

A teaching assistant at MU is suspected of stealing 14 laptops from her department.

Nondrinkers break college stereotypes

A small percentage of MU students do not drink. These unique students describe their motivations.

The case of the missing peace pipe

An old MU-Oklahoma football tradition involved the smoking of a peace pipe at halftime. Now, the pipe is missing and the tradition has been abandoned.

MU administrators plan to meet with faculty about salaries

Meetings between faculty and administrators are expected to focus on salaries and a strained budget.

UM Curators Resolution of Oct. 5, 2007

Full text of the resolution adopted by the University of Missouri Board of Curators on Oct. 5, 2007, reaffirming “its unwavering commitment to the principles of academic freedom and intellectual inquiry.”

Attorney appointed as new UM general counsel

Stephen J. Owens will replace Marvin E. "Bunky" Wright, who will retire in December.

UM System plans Web site to report intellectual diversity complaints

University leaders say they need to address intellectual diversity or allow the state legislature to do it for them.

Funding strategy plan for Missouri public universities presented to curators

A study group is trying to create a funding strategy for all of Missouri’s public four-year universities.

New policy brings new UM background check method

A firm hired by the UM System to complete background checks on new MU hires will use a name-based search method, rather than a fingerprint search, under a policy revision that took effect Monday.

UM System has not signed Nixon's voluntary code of conduct

The agreement was drafted to prevent universities from taking kickbacks from student lenders.

One Read author signs books

Sara Gruen, author of the book "Water for Elephants," signed autographs Tuesday afternoon at the Columbia Public Library through the communitywide One Read program.

Revised UM policy will require criminal background checks of new hires

A policy revision, effective Oct. 1, means that applicants to full-time and part-time faculty and staff positions at MU will be required to submit to a criminal background check before being hired.

UM System Board of Curators meets for general counsel search

Members of the Board of Curators are meeting today to discuss the search for a new general counsel.

New sculpture unveiled at Life Sciences Center

The university’s newest piece of art was dedicated Tuesday in a ceremony at the Life Sciences Center. The sculpture was funded by Al McQuinn, a 1954 MU graduate.

UM System adopts new emergency notification system

The partnership with National Notification Network, a California company, implements a more elaborate campus alert system ­— the same that was recently adopted by Virginia Tech.

YouTube gains popularity as teaching tool in college classrooms

Professors at colleges in Columbia are trying to figure out how to effectively use YouTube, the popular video-sharing Web site, in their classes to reach students on a familiar playing ground.