Higher Education

YouTube gains popularity as teaching tool in college classrooms

Professors at colleges in Columbia are trying to figure out how to effectively use YouTube, the popular video-sharing Web site, in their classes to reach students on a familiar playing ground.

Fire department to address concerns over MU's Greek sprinkler systems

Fraternities and sororities are concerned about sprinkler installation standards set by the city.

UMSL chancellor objects to MU name change

The University of Missouri-St. Louis chancellor, under pressure from students, faculty and other UM System campuses, said he now objects to MU dropping “Columbia” from its official name because it will undermine the legitimacy of other campuses in the system.

Global poverty activist coming to Columbia

After traveling to Kenya and seeing the rampant poverty and disease, Syed decided he wanted to bring that knowledge to Christians in Amreica who have the capacity to help. Thus, the 10/10 Project was born.

MU device could help treat cancer, HIV

MU engineering researchers have developed a non-invasive, advanced drug delivery system using nanotechnology that might improve the treatment of serious illnesses such as cancer and HIV.

Additional high school site to be considered

Tom Bass of Columbia is offering 69.5 acres of his family’s land for $3.5 million.

MU students angered by The Booze News

The Booze News, a new publication distributed in Columbia, has been accused by MU students and the MU Student Wellness Center of containing highly offensive content

International students at a loss for tutoring

Federal guidelines prohibit students without U.S. citizenship or permanent residency from participating in MU’s individual tutoring program.

Unconventional wisdom

College professors are trying new things to increase the classroom reading habits of their students.

New system delays student aid

MU provides interest-free loans to students who still have not received federal PLUS loans.

Students hope court approves class action lawsuit to block MOHELA sale

A hearing on a lawsuit to stop MOHELA from transferring funds into a building-construction program begins Tuesday morning. The filing students claim the funds should be used for loan forgiveness.

College ranking reports disagree on what makes a school great

In 2005, Washington Monthly started ranking colleges in response to criticism over the popular U.S. News and World Report rankings. MU Provost Brian Foster says, in general, the information in these rankings is important, but it can be tough to interpret.

Bartimus headlines anniversary event

Tad Bartimus, a forerunner in journalism, will be the keynote speaker Tuesday night for the 20th anniversary celebration of the The National Women in the Media collection.

What's in a name? MU's identity crisis

Chancellor Brady Deaton, along with some officials and alumni, say the “dash Columbia” hurts the flagship campus and causes confusion for potential students and donors.

Sen. Bond comes to MU in honor of Korea Week

At MU, Bond emphasizes the U.S. and MU’s economic, military and educational ties to Korea.

MU law professor says he hopes next attorney general is more candid

In May, MU law professor Frank Bowman wrote opinion pieces that appeared in the New York Times and Slate, an online magazine, arguing that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should be impeached for “lying to Congress” about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys. Today, he responds to news of Gonzales' resignation.

MU celebrates Korean friendship

The fourth annual Korea Week activities kicked off Sunday with a picnic attended by about 200 people.

Sister follows in brother's path as drum major

Nate and Ella Edwards, two talented siblings, have each won drum major positions at their respective schools for the 2007-08 school year.

UM retirees to get increase in pensions

The University of Missouri System is increasing the pension fund by 2 percent. but even so, retirees say it is not enough to maintain pace with inflation.

Water is back running at MU after outage on Friday