Higher Education

Bartimus headlines anniversary event

Tad Bartimus, a forerunner in journalism, will be the keynote speaker Tuesday night for the 20th anniversary celebration of the The National Women in the Media collection.

What's in a name? MU's identity crisis

Chancellor Brady Deaton, along with some officials and alumni, say the “dash Columbia” hurts the flagship campus and causes confusion for potential students and donors.

Sen. Bond comes to MU in honor of Korea Week

At MU, Bond emphasizes the U.S. and MU’s economic, military and educational ties to Korea.

MU law professor says he hopes next attorney general is more candid

In May, MU law professor Frank Bowman wrote opinion pieces that appeared in the New York Times and Slate, an online magazine, arguing that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should be impeached for “lying to Congress” about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys. Today, he responds to news of Gonzales' resignation.

MU celebrates Korean friendship

The fourth annual Korea Week activities kicked off Sunday with a picnic attended by about 200 people.

Sister follows in brother's path as drum major

Nate and Ella Edwards, two talented siblings, have each won drum major positions at their respective schools for the 2007-08 school year.

UM retirees to get increase in pensions

The University of Missouri System is increasing the pension fund by 2 percent. but even so, retirees say it is not enough to maintain pace with inflation.

Water is back running at MU after outage on Friday

UM system moves departments to end space constraints

Two UM faculty service departments are moving off the MU campus to create more room to help employees.

Journalism students to volunteer<br> at Beijing Olympics</br>

The Missouri School of Journalism will take steps today to formalize its agreement to send about 50 students to Beijing to work as interns/volunteers at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

MU says emergency plan in line with state recommendations

Gov. Matt Blunt released recommendations Tuesday from his Missouri Campus Security Task Force, which will be used to improve campus security across Missouri.

Search for next UM president is sharpened

University of Missouri System curators now plan to interview presidential finalists at least twice before making a job offer — a precaution seemingly designed to avoid being spurned by candidates who get cold feet.

Task force releases campus security recommendations

Created in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, the group recommends that all students receive emergency training.

MU's first day enrollment increases slightly

MU's 2007 enrollment increase is the smallest in years despite record number of freshmen and an increased retention rate.

School year introduces new country to students

Many new international students have to make adjustments after they land in Columbia. And their numbers are growing.

Graduate application numbers rise at MU

Zack Odem, a first-year graduate student at MU, has hopes of becoming an executive at a major company.

Do you know your rights?

As new residents and returning students move into their rented duplexes, homes and apartments, dealing with landlords and the legal issues can cause major headaches. They become even worse when citizens are unaware of their rights as tenants.

MU opens health research facility

The MU Research Reactor Center celebrated the addition of a new cyclotron facility Wednesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

MU dormitories McDavid, Hatch reopen following major renovations

On Thursday, MU opened the doors of the newly renovated Hatch and McDavid residence halls. University staff, students and parents toured the revamped halls and dorm rooms and glimpsed a vision for dorm living for coming generations of students.

Anti-affirmative action group enlists help of Missouri curator

As a University of Missouri curator, David Wasinger has sworn to uphold affirmative action laws in hiring and admissions at the system’s four campuses.

As a private attorney, Wasinger and a colleague are aiding the effort to persuade voters in 2008 to dismantle racial and gender preferences in public employment, contracting and education.