Higher Education

MU sees growth in science, technology

Every year there are more and more American students receiving post-secondary education. Between 1995 and fall 2004, there was a 20 percent increase in the number of students enrolled in U.S. colleges, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Med students don their coats

The class of 2011 held its White Coat Ceremony on Sunday. After days of orientation, first-year medical students received a white coat as a symbol of being welcomed into the profession of medicine.

Fraternity eliminates pledging

It has been three years since it was punished for hazing, and MU’s Sigma Phi Epsilon has made a number of changes since.

Students show off research skills

MU held its Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum at the Life Sciences Center on Thursday afternoon. A major component of the forum was a poster show, in which students who have been conducting undergraduate research were able to present and discuss their findings.

‘For All We Call Mizzou’ campaign close to goal

MU began the “For All We Call Mizzou” campaign in 2001 with the goal of raising $1 billion by December 2008. In seven years the campaign has raised more than $800 million and established 76 endowed positions at MU. A graphic that shows the progress so far.

Bill would cut MU research

Researchers at MU are concerned that a provision in a spending bill being debated in the U.S. House of Representatives today will squeeze the university’s budget and make it harder to do defense-related research in the future.

Keeping money in mind when starting school

Great news, college students: There are plenty of companies willing to give you thousands of dollars to buy whatever you want.

MU freshman enrollment flat

MU officials are preparing to welcome a 2007 freshman class that will be about the same size as last fall’s, despite a more than 5 percent increase in admissions applications.

Presidential search at MU complicated by other departures

As the search for a new University of Missouri president forges ahead, some high-ranking academic leaders aren’t waiting around to meet the new boss. Since mid-June, three top university officials have decided to take jobs elsewhere. The first to leave was economic development guru John Gardner.

UM curators to present new presidential candidates in August

The goal is to have the finalists chosen by the end of August.

Science rife with notable fakes

The revelation that an MU researcher committed research fraud doesn’t surprise Gordon Christensen, who chaired the committee that investigated the charges against Kaushik Deb.

MU professor retracts research after investigation

MU professor R. Michael Roberts has retracted research published in Science magazine after a nearly yearlong university investigation concluded that accompanying images were doctored by one of his associates, who has apparently fled the country.

Text of the retraction of research report

Text of the retraction appearing in the July 23, 2007, issue of Science Magazine regarding the research report “CDX2 gene expression and trophectoderm lineage specification in mouse embryos” by MU researchers K. Deb, M. Sivaguru, H. Y. Yong, R. M. Roberts that was originally published in the magazine in 2006.

Some Greek houses getting makeovers

Over the past few weeks, fraternities, sororities and the city of Columbia have been busy with construction projects in Greektown, a square of area outlined by Rollins and Providence roads, Kentucky Boulevard and Maryland Avenue.

MU’s budget plan draws faculty criticism

When MU Chancellor Brady Deaton announced July 9 that the university’s new financial plan, Compete Missouri, would require an administrative “hold” on new teaching hires, he said the support of faculty would be important to the plan’s chances for success.

MU budget plan could draw faculty to join MNEA

For members of the Missouri National Education Association, MU’s new financial plan could turn out to be one of the organization’s primary recruiting tools.

MU’s new dean of vet college wants to boost school’s ranking

Neil Olson, 56, an associate dean from North Carolina State University's veterinary college, will start his new job at MU on Sept. 1.

Congress considers bills to ease student loan woes

Congress is poised to make big changes to the government programs tapped by millions of students to pay for college. The biggest of these for students: a cap on what low-income borrowers have to pay back each month on their federal student loans.

Unearthing the past

The "Human Skeletal Identification Lab" in MU's Swallow Hall smells of dirt, everything in it looks tinged by rust and a skeleton model hangs in the corner. Shelves full of skulls and boxes loom around the 25-foot-high walls of the room, but two plastic-lined tables dominate the room. A cracked coffin lies on one, and its remains are laid out on another.

MU law student chosen as new student curator

A new University of Missouri System student curator has been selected by the governor’s office, although his appointment may be for just one semester.