Higher Education

MU grad forms ISCS to help students

An MU graduate is helping international students succeed in school and preparing them for life beyond campus.

Pricey pages

In August, Missouri State Auditor Claire McCaskill reported that the cost of attending college in Missouri has outpaced the rate of inflation by about 8 percent since 2000.

Sales generate royalties for academic department

Like every school and department on campus, the MU Department of Economics has had to compensate for decreasing financial support from the state. Recently, the department found a way to increase its $30,000 annual budget by more than 40 percent — by requiring students to buy a textbook written by department faculty.

Dealing with depression

Lynn Rossy has been a clinical psychologist at MU since 1999. Every year, she sees more and more students with the tell-tale signs of clinical depression — feelings of hopelessness, a serious lack of motivation, poor eating habits and dwindling interest in being with friends.

Columbia College receives large gift

Tom Bass has fond memories of visiting Columbia College as a child.

Faces: Vicki Conn

After years of preparation, Vicki Conn is finally moving into the position for which she has been groomed.

The provost’s perspective

The potential for significant reforms in higher education has MU Provost Brian Foster reconsidering the university’s academic priorities, even as he and other MU officials struggle to deal with decreases in state appropriations.

Curators bestow high honor on MU professor

Sandra Abell was 6 years old when she won her first award. The prize was a case of Coca-Cola, a pair of roller skates and a gift certificate to a Ben Franklin five-and-dime store. The reason? She captured 111 fish in two hours at a fishing derby in Ferguson.

Historic report could reform Higher Education Act

All colleges and universities are not created equal. But according to a draft of a historic report from U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings’ Commission on the Future of Higher Education, all institutes of higher education should be treated the same.

U Town

Faces of MU

She’s a runner...

A solid foundation

Coal-burning power plants spend millions disposing of fly ash, a fine powder loaded with mercury, lead and other toxic chemicals.

MU advising pair recognized

Being a good adviser to MU students means being a good listener, said Virginia Peterson, this year’s full-time staff Excellence in Advising award winner at MU. But Peterson also has something to say.

Debaters win big despite low funds

The MU Parliamentary Association, also known as the MU debate team, has finished a year of successes despite a lack of financial resources. MU junior Nick Dudley won his second consecutive first-place title at the National Forensics Association Championship, held April 14 through April 17 at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

The teaching ‘travel agent’

Joseph Hobbs sits comfortably in the cramped corner of his office in Stewart Hall. He is surrounded by two computers, a corkboard displaying photos of his family, and numerous worn-out maps. Sunlight splashes into the basement room from a window behind him.

Volunteers beautify campus gardens

If you have a green thumb, there is a place you can go to make it happy: the Mizzou Botanic Garden.

Sound of the City

During the winter of 2004, John Ernst began composing his latest piece of music. By spring, the piece was completed, but it still lacked a title.

Site shows buildings’ history

The “MU in Brick and Mortar” Web site offers an opportunity to see how buildings on campus have changed since 1892. From older buildings — such as Switzler Hall, constructed in 1871 — to newer ones — such as the Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building, built in 1996 — the site features photographs and information about 97 buildings on campus.

Teaching global networking

MU is providing selected students an opportunity to develop cross-cultural communications skills meant to help them become globally competent leaders.

Learning the skills of a strong manager

Four months ago, David Boyd knew little about exterior painting. Now, he spends his weekends promoting his painting business and giving estimates.