Higher Education

Prospective networking

Imagine you are applying to college. You are accepted at three universities and now you have to make a choice. Which school will you attend for the next four years?

Tracking a digital movement

Through the CDiG Graduate Certificate Program, MU’s Center for the Digital Globe offers its students an opportunity to keep up with the global society here at MU.

Program stresses cultural diversity

An MU program seeks to have children understand the world better and discover the value in differences. Kaleidoscope, a program organized by MU’s International Center, allows international students at MU to share their culture with students from preschool to high school.

More than a workout

On Mondays and Tuesdays, nearly 5,000 MU students pass through the MU Recreation Complex to participate in a variety of activities as diverse as yoga classes and mountain climbing.

Cushion project aims to fight wheelchair sores

When MU student Mike Delger was working on a prototype cushion modification that would help prevent pressure sores for wheelchair users, he ran into problems he didn’t expect.

Crime scene instruction

Emily Brogdon, a freshman at Columbia College, has known she wanted a career in forensic science since age 9, when she began watching crime scene documentaries with her dad.

Study illustrates legal system disparity

A multi-part study of the response police, prosecutors and judges show to domestic violence in Missouri discovered inconsistencies in the civil and criminal justice system from county to county.

Pick a plaid

One afternoon this month, MU senior Annie Williams walked around campus seeking inspiration for the “Tiger Tartan” project. Remembering her first walk through the MU Columns as a freshman during Tiger Walk and looking ahead to her final walk through the Columns at Senior Send-Off, Williams thought about MU traditions.

Institute to focus on female filmmakers

Hollywood is a tough town. It can make you a star or leave you jaded. And this is even more true for women who are in an industry dominated by men.

A search for cure

In the late 1980s, Rosalynn Manor got her first taste of engineering in her family’s garage in Austin, Texas, holding tools while her father rebuilt a 1964 Chevy Nova.

Reviving smart conversation

Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, salons were places where people who appreciated humanities and fine arts could meet to talk in an intimate setting. It is that setting that MU’s Center for Arts and Humanities is trying to revive with its Winter 2006 Salon Series.

Program teaches American lifestyle

Through Friday, 19 Korean students from Chonnam National University and Seoul National University of Technology are on campus and in community internships as part of MU’s English Proficiency and Internship program.

Stephens goes global

The Association of American Colleges and Universities has added Stephens College to its list of 16 selected participant schools in a nationwide effort to make college curriculum reflect a more global view.

Columbia College adds campus

With the opening March 27 of a military campus at Fort Drum near Watertown, N.Y., Columbia College will have 30 campuses.

Lending a hand

MU freshman Nate Kennedy spent the last weekend in January clearing out furniture and other belongings from houses in flood-damaged New Orleans. Most of it had to be thrown out because it was covered in mold.

Center on conflict, media, law established

The School of Law and the School of Journalism have established a Center for the Study of Conflict, Law and the Media at MU.

UM policy targets conflicts of interest

In the January meeting of the UM System Board of Curators, a resolution was passed requiring all curators to report any conflicts of interest or business involvements with the UM System by May 15. The information will be reviewed at the curators’ May meeting.

The pursuit of beauty

A photograph of Nigel Kalton, taken when he was 8, seems to foretell his destiny. In it, his neatly combed hair frames protuberant ears, and round-rimmed glasses dwarf his face. His smile reveals two buckteeth. He wears a black blazer, striped tie and a stiff-collared white shirt. They are components of Nigel’s school uniform, but they make him look like he raided the closet of The Absent-Minded Professor.

Course to focus on financial ventures

MU graduate student Brian Adams has an idea for a business venture: He wants to grow biomass for biological refineries and power plants to create bioenergy.

A lifelong lesson

When Sheryl Chase began attending Stephens College in 1965, she had no major in mind and just wanted to go to college because “it was the thing to do.” Now, 40 years later, she is preparing to graduate Saturday from MU with an undergraduate degree in English.