Higher Education

MU professors recognized for teaching skills

Three MU faculty members were recognized with awards this month for their excellence inside and outside of the classroom. The Faculty Recognition Awards is an annual ceremony in November. Recipients this year included Meera Chandrasekhar, a professor of physics, Peter J. Markiem a professor of philosophy, and Ira Papick, a professor of mathematics.

Cut program takes new form

The foreign language education degree was eliminated at the University in 2001, due to significant cuts and withooldings from state appropriations. Due to budget constraints, large institutions like MU find it hard to maintain small programs such as foreign language education. Administrators in the Department of Education and Arts and Science have teamed up to find a solution: instead of a degree in foreign language education, the plan included a curriculum that would meet state requirements for a teaching certificate.

Young and old enjoy Peace Park evergreen

The large evergreen on the edge of Peace Park looks like a regular tree — until you see people hanging like monkeys from its branches, 20 feet off the ground.

According to Morgan Patterson, who says she has climbed the tree hundreds of times, it’s enough to say, “Let’s go climb the tree in Peace Park.” Your friends will understand.

A memorable union

Students and staff who sought refuge Tuesday from the blustery cold inside MU’s Memorial Union North found something a little out of the ordinary instead: two long tables covered with cake, ice cream and 1,000 cupcakes set on black and gold striped tissue paper, along with the celebratory cries of a woman behind one of the tables.

“Happy Birthday! It’s 82! Would you like a cupcake?” called Mary Flatt, director for student and auxiliary services, to passers-by, none of whom passed up the invitation.

Plan would divulge student info

JEFFERSON CITY — A proposed overhaul of the way higher education data is collected would require all universities in Missouri to disclose personal information about their students, including Social Security numbers, to the federal government.

A proposal being studied by the National Center for Education Statistics would greatly expand the data the federal government collects about college students. It would allow federal officials to track individual students as they move through the higher education system by matching Social Security numbers with financial aid numbers.

Canadian addresses Iraq war

The Canadian government’s decision not to participate in the war in Iraq stemmed from disagreement over the United States’ approach to invading Iraq and not over policy goals of disarming Saddam Hussein.

That was one of Canadian Rear Admiral Ian Mack’s main messages to an audience Tuesday at MU for the school’s first-ever Canada Days festival this week, an effort to establish a Canadian studies minor at the university.

Faces: Rick Linhardt

Working in an ice cream store has obvious benefits. For Rick Linhardt, however, they stretch further than free ice cream.

Linhardt, manager of Buck’s Ice Cream Place at MU since 1993, said the job has given him invaluable experiences.

How do I... Help an international student adjust to life in the United States?

MU’s International Student and Scholar Services runs the American League of International Friendship Encounters program, which pairs community members with international students who are new to Columbia and the United States.

After filling out an application and attending a 45-minute orientation session, participants are paired with an international student.


As costume director and designer for MU’s theater department, Kerri Packard, 37, would have liked her two children to have the greatest possible Halloween costumes.

“I’d like to say I always make my kids’ Halloween costumes, but I don’t,” Packard said. “My poor son always picks something I can easily buy.”

Now You Know

A 7-year-old rule is causing confusion among some MU professors.

In December 1997, the MU faculty adopted a mandatory plus/minus grading scale, but the change was not recorded in the Faculty Handbook, according to Bill Lamberson, chairman of the MU Faculty Council Academic Affairs Committee.

Balancing Act

The halls of MU’s two engineering buildings are filled with men. Males constitute close to 90 percent of both students and faculty in the College of Engineering. In a discipline historically dominated by men, however, there is a growing presence of female students.

Ashley Stieferman, a senior industrial engineering major and president of the Society of Women Engineers, said she is not intimidated by the predominance of men in the school.

Taking the next step

Ann Brill has been called many things in her life. She was called a Tiger for the eight years she spent teaching at the Missouri School of Journalism. She has been called a Jayhawk for the past four years since she joined the faculty at the University of Kansas’ journalism school.

Now, just call her dean.

Lathrop escort policy goes to night shift

MU’s Lathrop Hall has changed its escort policy from an around-the-clock watch to a night shift.

Until Oct. 23, the all-female dormitory had a 24-hour escort policy — meaning that anyone who is not a resident of the hall could not leave the lobby area without a female escort.

Michelle Werner

For Michelle Werner, everything leading up to her time at Columbia College was a privilege. Starting in 1992, at age 20, Werner served for eight years in the Army as a ground and flight medic. During her years of service, she worked with civilian rescuers, helping in traffic accidents, search and rescue missions and field operations.

“I am an adrenaline junkie,” she says.

Scholarship news

The MU Honors College received a $300,000 gift as part of the “For All We Call Mizzou” fund-raising campaign.

The gift, a scholarship endowment made by James and Catherine Brazeal of Leawood, Kan., is meant to help the university attract and retain minority students, enhance access to education and support undergraduate research and international study, according to a release from the MU News Bureau.

Designed for the ages

MU’s new athletic facility, the Mizzou Arena, has been in the spotlight since the day it was dreamed up. But what about MU’s earliest sports facilities — those that paved the way for Paige? Two of these original buildings are undergoing extreme makeovers to keep up with changing times and the needs of students.

A family affair

Before many college students hit the snooze button on their alarm clocks, Marla Applebaum Wilcox has parked her car in the Hitt Street garage and headed into Jesse Hall.

At 7:45 a.m., she makes her way to the ice machine for her traditional morning tea. With a cup in hand, she continues her routine, walking one floor down from her office in 128 Jesse Hall to chat with a favorite fellow employee, her husband, Dale Wilcox.

MU FIGs compete for film honors

Students gathered in MU’s Middlebush Auditorium on Wednesday evening, anxiously and eagerly awaiting the announcement of winners in the first Journalism FIG Challenge Awards.

The event was meant to showcase skills learned by the journalism and communications freshman interest groups, known as FIGs, in photo, audio and video editing. Students used Apple iBook and PowerBook computers to produce two- to three-minute videos to learn the capabilities of their programs. They formed their own groups of no more than four people to create their vision.


Reclining in his office with his feet up on a chair, David Roebuck is where he wants to be.

“I will never leave,” Roebuck said. “At Columbia College, it is all about teaching and learning. How can it be any better than that when you love doing both?”

Historic Senior Hall

Historic Senior Hall, the oldest building on the Stephens College campus, has served many purposes throughout the years.

It was a home, a library, a hospital ward and a residence hall. What makes it famous, however, is its alleged ghost.