Higher Education

Former NFL player Don McPherson wants to redefine masculinity

Don McPherson, former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Houston Oilers, urged students and community members to change the way they think about what it means to be a man.

MU composer to talk about new Civil War oratorio

MU School of Music professor Stefan Freund will present on his new oratorio about the Civil War's divisive effects on Missouri.

UM System adds employee obligations for reporting sexual assault

University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe issued an executive order that bolsters the university's sexual assault reporting policies under Title IX. Prior to the order, there were no requirements at MU about reporting such incidents.

Duke admissions director highlights need for minorities in medicine

After admitting zero African-American students in 2007, the MU School of Medicine says the 2014 summer class will be its most diverse yet.

$1.1 million gift to create MU biochemistry endowed faculty chair

The Lowell D. Miller Endowed Chair in Biochemistry, funded by the gift from Lowell Miller, is designed to attract and keep faculty members.

Former governor of the Federal Reserve System discusses latest financial crisis

Randy Kroszner, former governor of the Federal Reserve System and professor of economics at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, spoke about the nation's latest financial crisis at the MU School of Law on Friday.

MU Libraries' irreparable moldy books will be available online

At its meeting Thursday, the MU Faculty Council also discussed midyear faculty raises and the search for a new provost.

UPDATE: Task force completes first phase of post-Menu Courey evaluation

MU's Phase I ends with an "inventory," but it doesn't address whether the process for reporting sexual assaults is adequate or whether the campus has sufficient mental health resources. Meanwhile, Columbia Police say they're not making progress in their investigation of the alleged sexual assault against Menu-Corey.



Loss of Student Parent Center disruptive to graduate-level studies

Graduate students express need for safe, affordable and flexible day care, such as has been offered by the Student Parent Center in University Village.

EU ambassador visits Columbia, discusses importance of EU-U.S. partnership

João Vale de Almeida, the European Union ambassador to the U.S., called for more cooperation between the U.S. and the EU and presented a proposed new trade partnership between the two. He said Missouri will directly benefit from a stronger trade and investment cooperation.

Former CIA analyst discusses Iraq War, NSA

Ray McGovern spoke at a social justice lecture on Tuesday at MU on topics such as the Iraq War and the Edward Snowden leaks.

MU-owned Manor House apartments to close May 2015

Manor House, located on Hitt Street near the MU Memorial Student Union, will close for renovations in May 2015. It is one of four MU-owned apartments for graduate students or students with families.

MU offices relocate during Jesse Hall's summer renovations

Renovations are estimated to cost $9.85 million, according to the MU News Bureau.

Study addresses depression in medical school

Saint Louis University said depression is a big issue in medical schools across the U.S., affecting 20 to 30 percent of medical students.

Administrators surprise five MU professors during class with $10,000 award

About 20 MU educators were nominated for the 2014 Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence, which includes a $10,000 check. The five winners were chosen according to student testimony and colleagues' evaluations.

MU law school class focuses on cultural consciousness

Ilhyung Lee teaches an alternative dispute resolution class designed to develop a cultural fluency in its students. He said it is one of five such classes taught in the country.

$1 trillion student loan debt widens U.S. wealth gap

Graduates who can immediately begin building equity in housing or stocks and bonds get more time to see their investments grow, while indebted graduates spend years paying principal and interest on loans. The standard student loan repayment schedule is 10 years, but can be much longer.

Westminster coach talks about son's overdose death, dangers of addiction

Jim Marshall, whose son died of a heroin overdose, spoke to raise awareness of the dangers associated with gateway drugs, such as prescription pills, that can lead to more serious addictions.

Sasha Menu Courey follow-up: Reporting sexual assault not required for MU faculty

MU is finalizing a reporting requirement for faculty and staff when a student makes a complaint to them of sexual harassment or other discrimination prohibited by Title IX.

States looking at free community college tuition

Amid worries that U.S. youth are losing a global skills race, supporters of a no-tuition policy see expanding access to community college as way to boost educational attainment so the emerging workforces in their states look good to employers.