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UPDATE: University Village, day care to be demolished, MU officials announce

Residents will be allowed to terminate their leases without penalty from now until June 30, according to a release from MU News Bureau, and any other maintenance and repair work needed will continue at the site.

Nina Totenberg shares wisdom, jokes from decades of covering U.S. Supreme Court

Although very smart, the Supreme Court justices are still just people, the NPR legal affairs correspondent said.

Third annual MU diversity awards recognize faculty, staff, students

The Chancellor's Diversity Initiative held its third annual Inclusive Excellence Awards and Faculty Achievement Awards ceremony Tuesday.

Westminster College student newspaper funds cut

The Student Government Association's has suggested The Columns to become online-only, discontinuing pay for the adviser and staff.

Missouri House endorses performance-based college funding

Legislation that would implement performance-based funding for public universities and community colleges was advanced by the state House Monday.

Native American enrollment change 2009-13

The number of Native American students enrolled at MU has been decreasing over the past five years. Native Americans make up less than 1 percent of MU's total student population.

University Village residents question safety since walkway collapse

After a walkway collapsed at University Village two weeks ago, residents are faced with the decision to stay in their apartments or move elsewhere. Many worry about the safety of the walkways.

Petition in support of relocating day care from University Village has hundreds of signatures

The day-care center for children of students is located at University Village, where a walkway collapsed Feb. 22. A graduate student has created a petition to keep the center open and move it away from University Village. 

MU group promotes Native American interests on campus

"There are only two faculty members and very few students on campus that identify as native," said member Willow Hoxie. "This group is all about establishing an identity for the campus."

MU researchers to study thunderstorms and better predict flash floods

A team of MU researchers will head into elevated convection thunderstorms, which could help to better predict flash floods and save lives.

MU housing plan recommended demolishing University Village in 2011

A 2008 MU housing plan specifically identified the University Village apartment walkways as structurally unsound.

Concrete shear failure caused fatal walkway collapse at University Village, documents show

A report from a structural engineering firm hired by MU to investigate the cause of the accident found that "water and chloride, and expansion from freeze-thaw action" contributed to existing problems.

Author Stephanie Coontz: 'Cookie-cutter marriages' do not work anymore

Novelist Stephanie Coontz spoke at Columbia College for Women's History Month. Coontz is a professor at TheEvergreen State College in Washington.

MU Circle of Sisterhood to build school in Nicaragua

A dozen women from MU will build a school in Nicaragua this summer to ensure that more girls are educated in the rural community.

Kappa Pi Beta is the first Asian interest fraternity in Missouri

The seven members have a range of backgrounds and interests. Phillip Nguyen, 20, the president, was born in California and moved to Kansas City when he was in fourth grade. Nguyen studies civil engineering at MU.

UPDATE: Missouri House budget proposes two-tier school funding

A proposal outlined Wednesday by House Budget Chairman Rick Stream would provide a $122 million increase in basic aid for public school districts — significantly less than the $278 million increase proposed by Gov. Jay Nixon.

MU panel of Ukrainian scholars explores conflict in their home country

Three graduate students discussed possible futures for their country: a war between Russia and Ukraine, the deployment of observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, or the disintegration of Ukraine.

Central Methodist University plans dorm renovations

Central Methodist announces plans to revamp four residence halls.

St. Louis couple commits $2.5 million gift to MU College of Veterinary Medicine

The money will be used for scholarships, provided recipients complete at least 120 hours of animal-related volunteer service each year.

MU buildings not subject to regularly scheduled structural inspections

University buildings such as the MU-owned University Village apartments do not receive formal structural inspections. Instead, maintenance workers make note of problems they spot when they make repairs or improvements inside buildings.