K-12 Education

Federal government backs down from spending promise for special education

In 1975, the federal government promised to fund 40 percent of the excess costs of public school districts' special education bill. Yet the government hasn't funded more than 18.5 percent, putting a greater strain on districts to cover the increasing costs.

Collaborative art teaches children to work together

Collaboration in the Columbia art world exists on the levels of the conceptual, the procedural and the presentational. And you don’t have to be a professional artist to appreciate its effects.

Third candidate enters school board race

Nathan Garten, a 27-year-old senior credit manager at Wells Fargo, filed Friday morning as a candidate for one of the two open positions on the school board on the April ballot. He is the third candidate to enter the race.

Missouri lawmakers look to divert new casino tax money

The use of the projected $130 million annually in new casino taxes figures to spark debate during the legislative session that starts Wednesday — partly because new tax dollars are expected to be scarce.

Second candidate enters school board race

Michelle Pruitt was involved in the successful campaign to revise the math curriculum in the Columbia Public School District.

Springfield lawmaker vows to fight voucher attempt

Democrat Sara Lampe says she won't let her minority party status get in the way of seeking more money for various education initiatives, or working against a vouchers push.

Control of Kansas City schools debated

A state representative and others say community leaders could do a better job of handling the district's operations.

Missourian to cut back to five days a week in print

The decision is expected to save $350,000 after the Missourian ran a $1 million deficit last year.

The Latin Revival

The "mother tongue" is back. With 70-strong Latin enrollment at Rock Bridge High School, consistent numbers at Hickman High School and its status as a required class at Columbia Independent School, Columbia is part of a nationwide revival of the "dead language."

Teacher works magic with emotionally disturbed children

Jennifer Luna teaches Columbia elementary students who have the most severe emotional and behavioral problems. With her dogged determination, loving discipline and unconventional techniques, she gets through to students other teachers have found impossible to teach.

Officials: Columbia schools' low rankings in air quality study not cause for concern

An agency spokeswoman from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Air Pollution Control said the USA Today study's data were not a complete representation of the air quality.

Rock Bridge Elementary first-graders learn about Kwanzaa

Students learned the seven principles of Kwanzaa including unity (umoja), self-determination (kujichagulia) and creativity (kuumba). They learned Swahili and history through singing, clapping and chanting.

School board may have to replace president and vice president

With current President Michelle Gadbois not running again and Vice President Steve Calloway undecided as to whether or not he will fill her vacancy, the Columbia School Board may have two open seats for the April election.

Columbia schools win state award for fifth year in a row

For five consecutive years, Columbia Public Schools has won the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's "Distinction in Performance" Award. It's the first time the district has won the award five straight years.

Debate over Missouri teacher Social Security benefits continues

The decision process for which Missouri school system employees will be exempt from paying additional Social Security continues in Washington, D.C.

Jefferson Junior teacher receives National Board certification

Anna Osborn, a reading teacher, is among only 29 National Board Certified teachers in the Columbia Public School District.

Columbia schools change with technology

As cell phone policies have become more lenient in some some Columbia high schools, other gadgets are also becoming more common in schools. Bridges, an alcohol and drug prevention organization at all three Columbia high schools,  will hold an event Dec. 10 to inform parents about Internet safety and their children.

School Board discusses budget deficit solutions

The seats were filled at the Columbia Public School Board meeting Monday night where district finances took center stage. The district is facing a projected $3.2 million deficit.

Hickman senior wins $20,000 at national math and science competition

Ashok Cutkosky thought he had failed when he didn't prove the initial task he had set out to accomplish, but his adviser showed him otherwise.

Columbia School Board to discuss finances at Monday meeting

The Columbia School Board will meet at 7 p.m. Monday to discuss financial matters, including budget guidelines that could eliminate teaching positions.