K-12 Education

Columbia schools encourage students to stay healthy

Elementary schools expect to benefit from a new grant-funded program headed by PedNet, the city and MU.

UPDATE: PedNet receives grant to curb childhood obesity

A $400,000 grant will finance efforts to keep Columbia children active and make healthful food accessible to them.

Rock Bridge High School receives safe driving grant

The $5,000 grant from State Farm Insurance will go toward the SMART Driver program, which will teach teens about the risks of distracted driving.

Former teacher again violates probation to contact former student

Jan Kauffman, a former Teacher of the Year award recipient, admitted to contacting former student Tyson Wilson.

Columbia Public Schools sees increase in number of English-language learners

The number of students enrolled in English Language Learner programs in the Columbia Public School District has increased by 138 students so far this year.

Blue Ridge teacher named Walmart's Teacher of the Year

Amanda Wright has been teaching in Missouri for five years and is one of more than 11,000 teachers across the country to win the award.

School board asks legislators for support

Administrators outlined the district's legislative priorities at a Thursday morning meeting.

School district switches to biodegradable trays

The new trays look very similar to Styrofoam, but break down in 9 months to a year. Styrofoam can stay in a landfill for 400 to 1,000 years.

New Catholic high school may relieve crowded public schools

In 2010, Columbia will welcome a new high school that will provide families with another option rather than public schooling. Columbia’s first Catholic high school, dubbed Regional Catholic High school for now, will give families of faith a secondary schooling option for their children after elementary school.

Counselors exempt from paying Social Security

The Social Security Administration announced Tuesday that counselors will continue to pay their retirement into Public School Retirement Security. Meanwhile, Missouri educators met Tuesday with the state Office of Administration.

City Council approves plan for Regional Catholic High School

The $16 million school, which will eventually house 400 students, is scheduled to open in 2010.

Hickman Hip-Hop club sets high goals

Hickman High School's Just Hip-Hop club won two local competitions last year and hopes to compete nationally in 2009.

KC charter arts high school lacks sponsor

The future of the Kansas City School of the Arts charter is uncertain because a sponsor has not signed on.

Social Security ruling could lead to many changes in Columbia Schools

A ruling that will force more Columbia School employees to pay into Social Security could have a big impact on the district, its employees and the retirement system.

Former charter school board president headed to prison

The former president of Allen Village Charter School in Kansas City was ordered to pay restitution for embezzling money from the school.

Decision may threaten Columbia school workers' benefits

The Social Security Administration has informed Missouri school districts that only teachers, principals and a few other positions are exempt from paying into Social Security.

Potential college students taking both entrance exams more often

The numbers of students taking the SAT has risen 30 percent since 1998; the number of ACT-takers has risen 43 percent.

Japanese culture attracts students to language

At Rock Bridge and Hickman High Schools, students don't have to follow the traditional path of picking French, German, Latin or Spanish to fill Missouri's foreign language requirement. Since 1990, Columbia Public Schools has offered Japanese as an alternative language for students to learn.

School board discusses data on achievement gap

More than an hour of Monday night's Columbia Public School Board meeting centered around discussion of the achievement gap among the district's students.

Community members protest Hickman officer's return

Several of the protesters want the Columbia officer removed from the school district or even the force entirely.