K-12 Education

Columbia schools launch new substance abuse progam

'U Matter' is the new message that Columbia Public Schools is sharing with middle, junior and high school students through its latest substance abuse prevention campaign being launched this week.

Parents consider transfers from ‘needs improvement' schools

One child has transferred from Benton Elementary School, and a total of five schools are now on the state's "needs improvement" list for failing to meet Missouri Assessment Program testing standards the past two years.

‘Celebration of Education’ exhibits connection between school, community

The gathering, held at a former one-room schoolhouse, was inspired by the One Read book, “The Whistling Season.”

Columbia Public Schools’ math curriculum deliberation continues

Changes to Columbia Public Schools’ math curriculum brought more than 60 people to a school board work session on Thursday morning.

Parent worries Columbia Board of Education approves items too quickly

Robin Hubbard, whose daughter's speech delay has posed difficulties learning math, said the board passed a special education document too fast. The document, she said, assures special education in the district but doesn't stipulate any methods.

Joint commission discusses development around new Columbia high school

The three committee members who attended the meeting said they will lobby for closed lunches.

Hickman begins homecoming week

Here is a schedule of homecoming events at Hickman High School.

Survival Kids safety program expands

Volunteer firefighters paid a visit to a Field Elementary classroom Monday as part of a program that helps educate students about fire safety, burn prevention, and other safety areas.

Columbia's private schools form network to help and support each other

The group, which first met over the summer, aims to create a greater awareness of schooling options, develop a platform for sharing ideas, improve media coverage and identify resources available to all private schools. 

Student arrested on suspicion of bringing knife to Rock Bridge High School

Justin Goacher,17, was arrested on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon.

Educator-musician leads songwriting workshop at Paxton Keeley Elementary

Paxton Keely Elementary School students participated Thursday in a songwriting workshop led by Monte Selby, a Kansas-based educator and musician who collaborates with schoolchildren over the course of one day to write one song.

Consequences unclear for student who brought bullets to school

Columbia Public Schools administrators gave no details Wednesday on what the ramifications would be for the Grant Elementary School student who brought bullets to school Monday, but they say they are approaching the situation as a student discipline issue.

Early childhood programs might move to Field Elementary

The building might include both district-run and nonprofit organizations and would make administration less complicated with everything in one building.

Rock Bridge institutes new rules at football games

High school students will need a student ID to enter games, and middle school students will need to be accompanied by a parent. The new security measures go into effect Friday when the team plays Lee's Summit North High School.

Supply drive helps students go back to school

Mama Bessie's Dry Cleaners owner Margaret Hickem-Smith organized a back-to-school supply drive and party to benefit the community and Columbia public schools.

SAT scores still at decade low

But in Missouri, SAT scores from the graduating class of 2008 were close to 100 points higher than the national average.

Columbia Independent School celebrates its anniversary by releasing balloons

The school celebrated the beginning of its 10th school year in its traditional way - by releasing balloons.



Old Wade School closed in 1968 but still evokes memories

Now privately owned, the Wade School in northern Columbia was once used by 100 pupils. The building has deteriorated since closing in 1968, but memories of the lifestyle shared there are still strong.

Remnants of the time remain: chalkboards, book shelves, window blinds, bathroom doors labeled "Boys" and "Girls," a water fountain and hooks where little coats likely hung. The school has slowly become an accidental monument, important more in memory than in reality.

School board sets tax levy

Property owners in the Columbia school district will pay 2 cents more on their tax levy this year.

Nothing like the first day of school

Whether it was THE first day for kindergartners and new teachers or just another first day for veteran students and educators, Thursday was the day everyone came together in Columbia City Schools.