K-12 Education

Old Wade School closed in 1968 but still evokes memories

Now privately owned, the Wade School in northern Columbia was once used by 100 pupils. The building has deteriorated since closing in 1968, but memories of the lifestyle shared there are still strong.

Remnants of the time remain: chalkboards, book shelves, window blinds, bathroom doors labeled "Boys" and "Girls," a water fountain and hooks where little coats likely hung. The school has slowly become an accidental monument, important more in memory than in reality.

School board sets tax levy

Property owners in the Columbia school district will pay 2 cents more on their tax levy this year.

Nothing like the first day of school

Whether it was THE first day for kindergartners and new teachers or just another first day for veteran students and educators, Thursday was the day everyone came together in Columbia City Schools.

Columbia Public Schools enrollment increases

Columbia Public Schools total enrollment for the first day of school increased from same time in 2007.

The few, the beloved, the male elementary teachers

When Nate Hutchings conducted his first lesson at Paxton Keeley Elementary School, he joined the fraternity of male elementary teachers that has shrunk dramatically from what it was nearly 30 years ago.

Eager students get a sneak peek at school

Russell Boulevard Elementary was alive with the giggles and squeals of children who came back for a preview of the school year, which starts Thursday.

Organizations hold schools supplies drives

For some students school supplies cost more than their families can afford.

Chase talks about achievements, criticism, future

In an interview Aug. 7, retiring Superintendent Phyllis Chase shared thoughts about her time spent as head of the school district and what challenges the district faces.

UPDATE: Ritter will work to restore confidence in the district

Ritter appears to have risen quickly to the top of a very short list of candidates to lead the district until a permanent superintendent can be found.

Columbia schools to name interim chief; Ritter likely choice

The school board will announce its choice for interim superintendent at 8:30 Wednesday morning. Jim Ritter was the only person to meet with board members in a closed session Tuesday night.

Finance assessment tested for bias

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education works with the Assessment Resource Center at MU to review questions on a finance assessment required of students graduating in 2010 and beyond.

Superintendent Phyllis Chase announces her retirement

Superintendent Phyllis Chase, who has recently come under fire for her leadership decisions and spending recommendations, announced her retirement Tuesday, effective Aug. 31.

Schools Superintendent Chase's letter explains her decision to retire

This is a letter Phyllis Chase sent out to people in the schools, community members and others about her retirement as superintendent of Columbia Public Schools effective Aug. 31.

Phyllis Chase: Timeline of events

A partial list of events in the educational and professional life of Phyllis Chase, who announced Tuesday she is retiring as superintendent of Columbia Public Schools

Chase retiring from Columbia Public Schools

 Phyllis Chase says she's been considering retiring for months as schools superintendent.

Salvation Army Tools for Schools program continues to help Columbia Public Schools

In its fifth year, the Salvation Army is providing over 21,000 school supplies to 42 schools.

Fewer Columbia schools meet MAP standards

The 2008 Missouri Assessment Program test results are being released to the public today. Only three of 28 Columbia schools met the Adequate Yearly Progress goal compared to 14 in 2007.

Missouri middle schoolers improve MAP scores

Both their math and reading scores improved in the state's public schools. But more districts and schools failed to meet "adequate yearly progress" goals, though state education officials said that was because requirements were more stringent under federal law.

At age 76, woman earns GED

Nina Drew left school in the 1950s and after earning her GED last month, she is interested in going to college.



Walking School Bus program expands through grants

Columbia’s Walking School Bus program is expanding to Derby Ridge and Parkade Elementary Schools. Columbia Public Schools received a grant to improve these and other programs.