K-12 Education

State pays enough for schools now, Mo. judge says

The state provides as much public school funding as the Missouri Constitution requires, a Cole County judge ruled Wednesday in rejecting a lawsuit filed by almost one-half of the state’s school districts, including Columbia Public Schools.

High school Homecoming festivities to converge at downtown parade Friday

High school Homecoming activities scheduled for the next week showcase spirit and alumni.

New elementary school could cause redistricting

The construction of Columbia’s new elementary school could cause the redistricting of five other elementary schools, officials said Thursday.

More than 1,000 petition for northern high school site

Marion Dickerson, a grandparent and signature collector, will speak to the high school site evaluation committee at its meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Architects, administrators reinvent high school designs

Innovations in architecture, technology and teaching methods have led to unique environments in high schools throughout the country, but the focus continues to be on student learning.

Panelists answer students’ questions about aging

At “The Issues Facing Aging America,” the first of four Speak Your Mind forums to be held at Hickman High School this year, students learned and asked questions about retirement, age discrimination and health care.

Chat with Chase canceled

Only one person showed up to the morning meeting.

City Council wary of new high school figures

Sixth Ward City Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe said she is worried that new engineering estimates won’t include costs to the city.

Missouri students raise math scores

Missouri's fourth and eighth grade students now score at the national average in math and continue to score at the national average in reading.

School site information

Q & A on Tuesday's high school commitee meeting

Sixth high school site added for consideration

COLUMBIA - A sixth site offered late will be considered for Columbia’s next public high school. Estimated infrastructure costs will be presented at the next meeting of a committee charged with recommending a site.

Comments from the high school discussion

Bass offers to build roads on property

Tom Bass says building two streets on the potential high school site would cost ‘a couple million dollars.’

Committee to hear from public on new high school site selection

Nancy Harter used an interactive e-mail newsletter called Columbia Citizens to encourage others to get involved in deciding where the city’s next public high school should be.

Public deserves to be involved in final high school site decision

The Missourian has made coverage of Columbia's new high school site a priority.

Citizens committee to have more meetings to discuss Columbia high school site

The citizens committee charged with recommending a site for Columbia’s next public high school will now have two and possibly three meetings, according to an e-mail sent Thursday by committee facilitator Jim Ritter to the group’s 20 other members.

High school site neighbors speak out

Columbia residents who live near the proposed high school sites add their opinions into the mix.

Can you hear me now? - Columbia public schools communicate clearer cell phone policies

Two Columbia high schools revise their rules for dealing with mobile phone used in schools

Columbia's new public high school: Questions and Answers

A cloud of public attention has followed the Columbia School Board since it announced its decision to locate a third public high school south and east of the city. Now a committee of citizens will meet with the board and make its own recommendations on five different potential sites.