K-12 Education

School Board to hear teacher salary recommendation

The teachers association is not likely to seek more pay this time.

Southern Boone County School District seeks money for school addition

A $1.7 million bond issue on the April ballot would allow for the construction of a fifth grade wing onto the elementary school.

School board candidates face tough questions at Muleskinners luncheon

Five of the six Columbia School Board candidates attended the session in Stephens College’s Stamper Commons to discuss school issues.

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Administrators attempt to clear up details of Hickman fight

Columbia police responded to an incident at the high school Tuesday after a fight had started outside and several students and adults had begun to become increasingly uncooperative inside the school’s main office.

Senators approve alternative teacher certification

Citing a shortage of teachers, senators passed legislation late Wednesday making it easier for people lacking education degrees to gain approval to teach in Missouri’s public schools.

‘Model school’ seems to work for students

West Boulevard Elementary School has made gains in student achievement since 2004 by using a variety of new programs and teaching practices.

School employee survey results are in

Columbia Public Schools teachers were asked to respond to a survey about what cuts they think could be made by the district.

Columbia Public Schools meet with city, county officials about planning for school sites

At a work session, the city, schools and county discuss infrastructure at the future school sites.

Columbia schools allow only string sack packs to save space

Space is such a problem at two Columbia junior high schools that their administrations made rules about backpacks. This year students are allowed to carry small string “sack packs,” the latest step in a battle to make do with a space that is far too small.

Rock Bridge High students talk AIDS, action with first lady

Outgoing students of Rock Bridge’s contemporary issues class spoke with Laura Bush in a video conference Monday morning.

Robb wants twins together

Twins and other multiple-birth siblings would be allowed to be in the same classroom, as long as their parents request it in a timely fashion, under a bill that has been introduced in the state House.

Horner withdraws from school board race

School board candidate Kevin Horner filed a statement of withdrawal this morning to remove his name from the ballot in April, saying did not think he had the right motivation.

Columbia Public Schools might be able to avoid $2 million in hard cuts

The district is looking to eliminate $5 million from its budget.

How recalled beef will be destroyed is at issue

The U.S. Department of Agriculture calls for individual school districts to dispose of the meat, but Missouri officials say they would prefer to handle it.

Possible sewer agreement between city and district

The city of Columbia has made an offer to the Columbia Public School District regarding payment for sewer lines that will be built to serve the new public high school.

Threatening a woman into abortion illegal under proposed bill

JEFFERSON CITY — Husbands and wives can divorce in Missouri without needing a reason. But abortion opponents want to make it a crime if a man threatens divorce to pressure his wife into an abortion.

Cyber-bullying bill gets first-round OK in Senate

JEFFERSON CITY — The Senate gave first-round approval Tuesday to a bill requiring school districts to adopt policies to handle cyber-bullying.

School district extends deadline for online survey

The online survey given to teachers about what could be cut from the budget is being extended until Wednesday.

Teachers, staff asked to help trim budget

Teachers and staff in Columbia Public Schools were asked what they thought could be cut from the budget in an online survey that ended Tuesday.