K-12 Education

City asks for closer bond with schools

Columbia officials want to establish closer ties with Columbia Public Schools after feeling excluded from the decision to locate a high school three miles east of the city limits.

Some Columbia officials urge improved communication with school district

COLUMBIA — Local officials want closer ties after feeling excluded from the decision to locate a high school three miles east of the city limits.

Distribution of elementary math coaches spurs debate

The success of literacy coaches to support teachers in elementary schools led to the hiring of elementary math coaches for the coming year, said Linda Coutts, who coordinates kindergarten through fifth grade math for the Columbia Public School District.

Summer school rewards kids

2,749 students will get $100 each for having perfect attendance for the five-week summer school program.

Columbia students rewarded for summer school attendance

More than 2,500 students in Columbia will receive a $100 debit card for having perfect attendance throughout the five-week summer school program that ended July 13.

Columbia's high school group returns with ideas after KC visit

The visit helped the committee come up with goals for the city's third comprehensive high school.

School design to help kids interact

Columbia Public Schools’ newest elementary school will be designed to foster more collaboration and interaction between students and teachers of the same grade level.

Schools train for shooting scenario

Wednesday morning was the first time Columbia public school faculty and law enforcement agencies collaborated for active shooter training.

New Rock Bridge head on the way

Columbia Public Schools will announce a replacement for Rock Bridge High School’s principal Andy Kohl today or Friday. Kohl announced his resignation to Rock Bridge staff Wednesday afternoon via e-mail.

Elected St. Louis school board fights on against state control

The elected St. Louis school board says it won't give in to state intervention that turned over control of the district to an appointed board.

School site in need of upgrades

Superintendent Phyllis Chase and former assistant superintendent Chris Mallory met with Ken Pearson on Friday discuss what improvements need to be made before the school opens in 2010.

List of needed improvements is long for new high school

A decision to put a high school in a place with no existing sewer lines, with country roads with no curbs or shoulders has left Boone County officials and utility providers wondering how to meet the demands the proposed school would create.

New Columbia high school site a matter of availability

It was the simple availability of land, not its location, that drove Columbia Public Schools officials to choose a farm southeast of Columbia as the site for a third major high school, Superintendent Phyllis Chase said.

Potential elementary school site selected

Twenty acres near Waco and Brown Station roads in northeast Columbia will be the likely site of another elementary school for Columbia Public Schools.

State school funds depend on judge

In the coming weeks, Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan will single-handedly decide a key case involving the state’s multi-billion-dollar school funding plan.

GPS to be installed in buses

Beginning this coming school year, GPS devices are being installed on all 170 school buses in Columbia. They will be ready before school picks up in August.

Grant to MU Med School meant to help get youth interested in science

A recent $750,000 grant to the MU School of Medicine will bring state-of-the-art technology to Columbia and St. Louis public schools. The money is part of a national effort to connect medical institutions to their surrounding communities and get elementary and secondary students more interested in science.

Kids will learn about livestock, farming in Columbia

The Children’s Barn will recreate a natural farm environment, complete with common Missouri farm livestock and a staff of animal youth educators to help visitors better understand how Midwestern farms operate.

Educators make time for physics workshop

The idea of a classroom full of teachers discussing physics might make any student cringe. But when class involves making batteries out of potatoes and lemons, launching marbles into the air and stargazing in a field, students might take an interest.

Students work for their grade, prepare for the future

During the summer, the Between The Pages program gives high school students an opportunity to obtain high school credit and earn money by working at the MBS Textbook Exchange deli.