K-12 Education

Missouri seeking federal preschool grant

The state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education says the grant could expand preschool programs for 4-year-olds in what it describes as "high-need communities."

Missouri students to get help applying to college

The program is meant to help low-income and first-generation applicants navigate the sometimes overwhelming process and increase the number of college applications in Missouri.

Bird is the word for Columbia Public Schools second-graders

The Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary hosted an event to get second-graders excited about science by teaching them about bird adaptations and communication.

Youth council angles for a voice in Columbia city politics

Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe said the city could benefit from working with the Youth Advisory Council.

In first big act, peer ambassadors at West Middle ice teachers after fundraiser

After raising more than $2,000 for ALS research, the Peer Ambassadors at West Middle School dumped buckets of ice water on their teachers' heads Friday. It was all part of a new elective class at the school that allows students to show leadership skills in school.

Columbia schools extend emergency-monitoring radius

The school district's security officials now receive a text message whenever police respond to an incident within 2,000 feet of a school.

FROM READERS: School chef says good eating habits start at home

"Would children eat this?" It's a question that Brad Faith has to ask daily as a chef for the Columbia Public Schools Nutritional Services Department.

Review of Missouri education standards divisive

Missouri is among 45 states that adopted Common Core, but it is one of several now backing away.

Missouri lawmaker wants referendum on lottery

The lottery had record sales of nearly $1.16 billion during the 2014 budget year that ended June 30. Yet the amount of lottery proceeds transferred to education declined to $267 million this past year from a high of nearly $289 million in 2013.

After 12 years, Tolton coach almost finished with tiger sculpture

Lonnie Tapia, a soccer coach and art teacher at Tolton High School, is almost finished with a sculpture he began when a red maple tree fell in his yard over a decade ago.


New Columbia Public Schools program aims to help highly mobile students

Stella Read and Jim Hogan are specialists who will assist students who move often in a new program Columbia Public Schools enacted this year. So far, the specialists have had cases ranging from students who don't speak English to students who are facing homelessness.

Columbia Schools request Yik Yak remove access around campuses

After an anonymous gun threat was posted on the social media app Yik Yak on Friday, Columbia school administrators sent a request to the app company to remove future access to the social media site around all 34 of their campus locations.

Holden Caufield would approve: Battle High School celebrates Banned Books Week

Students are rewarded for checking out a top 10 banned book with candy prizes.

Yik Yak messaging app causes safety, bullying worries in schools

After Rock Bridge High School's lockdown Friday, administrators are getting up to speed about anonymous messaging apps.  "I don't have the ability to stop this," Rock Bridge's principal said.

Rock Bridge High School placed on modified lockdown after social media threat

After a threat to use a firearm at Rock Bridge High School was posted on Yik Yak, the high school, Rock Bridge Elementary School, Gentry Middle School and the Columbia Area Career Center were placed on a modified lockdown. An increased law enforcement presence was expected at Friday's football game between Rock Bridge and Hickman High School.

ANY QUESTIONS: What happened with the proposed cell tower at Battle High School?

The proposed communications tower would enhance radio, cellular and wireless internet signals, but no action has been taken on the project yet.

Columbia School Board formally opposes Amendment 3

The board unanimously voted in favor of a resolution that opposes Amendment 3, which will be on the state's Nov. 4 ballot. The board was also updated on the 2014 summer school program.

Columbia Public Schools Foundation awards four grants

Columbia Public Schools Foundation announced its grant recipients for the 2014-15 school year on Wednesday.

iPad Minis issued to Columbia 5th-graders

Julie Nichols, manager for instructional technology for Columbia Public Schools, said the devices are intended to prepare them for their transition into middle school.

Grant funds MU, Lee Elementary Science ARTreach program

A National Science Foundation grant will fund the Science ARTreach program between MU and Lee Elementary.