K-12 Education

Whitt hopes to get the most from students

Now finishing his first year on the Columbia School Board, Whitt said closing the academic achievement gap and providing adequate physical facilities are two key goals.

Mees draws on experience in Columbia School Board election

Jan Mees, who is running to keep her seat on the Columbia School Board, said her primary goals are closing the academic achievement gap between students and balancing the district budget.

Holt puts past lessons to work in Columbia School Board election

Dan Holt said his Columbia School Board loss in 2009 left him with “unfinished business." He's ready to change that outcome in his favor in 2010.

Sessions brings tech background, young perspective to School Board race

Business owner and Hickman High School graduate Jonathan Sessions, 27, sees his age as an advantage in the race for the Columbia School Board. He looks to provide a generational perspective and technological knowledge to the board during a one-year term.

Peters says legal background has helped him discern importance of school bond issue

MU law professor Philip Peters emphasizes the link between early childhood education and success in school later. He says when he looks at an issue, he begins with the evidence.

Banquet to honor local educators with Academic Excellence awards

Contributions for the awards come from area residents and businesses.

Future schools leader Stiepleman commits to life of helping children

Peter Stiepleman, principal of West Boulevard Elementary School, changed his life to help children in need. Now, he looks forward to his new position as assistant superintendent for elementary education.

Proposed school bond issue finds voters ambivalent

Anxieties come from two sides: if the bond issue passes and if it doesn't. If it passes, concerns include future funding and staffing of proposed new schools and possible losses of current programs. If it doesn't pass, concerns include overcrowding in schools, funding for maintenance of current facilities and missing out on a good economic climate in which to build.

Stephen M.R. Covey visits Shepard Boulevard Elementary

Shepard Boulevard Elementary is the first school in Missouri to implement the Leader In Me program into their curriculum. 

Schools find out if budget cuts affect them

The 13 positions that Columbia Public Schools is eliminating will affect West Boulevard Elementary, Lee Elementary and Midway Elementary, among others.

Power lunch participants discuss Columbia's future

Mayor and city council members talk about how to better serve the city.

School Board candidates focus on bond issue benefits at forum

The Chamber of Commerce's candidate forum was the last before the April 6 election. Schoool board candidates discussed the bond issue and negative perceptions about the school district.


Missouri home-schooled students could benefit from sports bill

A bill sponsored by Sen. Jim Lembke, R-St. Louis County, would allow home-schooled students to play high school sports at the high schools in their attendance area.

House leaders proclaim budget balanced with cut to K-12 education

The Missouri House approved a $200 million cut to the K-12 Foundation Formula for the state budget to gain first-round approval.

Columbia Public Schools bond issue at a glance

Columbia Public Schools is asking voters to approve a $120 million bond issue on the April 6 ballot. Most of it would go for construction. Here is the bond issue at a glance.

Breakdown of Columbia School Board bond issue

A long-term bond issue for Columbia Public Schools was conceived in three phases. Voters approved phase one in 2007. However, phases two and three have been combined into a single, $120 million bond issue that will appear on the April 6 ballot. If approved, it would be spent on a new high school and new elementary school, building improvements, construction, air conditioning, technology and interest and fees associated with the funding.

Merit pay system debated at school board candidate forum

One candidate said performance pay was "never a bad thing," but others said they would have to see more evidence first.

School Board could trade papers for laptops

The Columbia School Board might go paperless for meetings and preparation. Also, the last day of school has been changed, and Superintendent Chris Belcher was given the go-ahead to tell Google about the district's Internet capability and what it would like to do with an expanded network.

Proposed bill would change Missouri bullying policies

The Senate heard a bill that would add discrimination motivated by race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender or sexual orientation into the state's anti-bullying law.

Changes to No Child Left Behind Act concern Columbia education leaders

The Obama administration's overhaul to the current No Child Left Behind law would reward achieving schools and offer strict consequences for those that are failing if Congress approves it.