K-12 Education

Columbia Public Schools to manage summer school in-house

By not renewing its contract with Edison Learning, Columbia Public Schools has effectively decided to run its summer school program in-house, a move that could save millions of dollars.

Update: Columbia School Board approves funding for online courses, Career Center addition

The Columbia School Board approved allocations of funds that will be generated by a recent property tax increase as well as of stimulus money for Title I and Title II-D programs.

School Board seeks volunteers for improvement plan

Thursday is the deadline for citizens to volunteer to help with a five-year school improvement plan for Columbia Public Schools.

School district approves funding for online courses, career center addition

Columbia School Board members unanimously voted in favor of Title II-D funding for classroom technology and approved a bid to expand the Columbia Area Career Center. Two additonal budget amendments — involving Title I funding for academically disadvantaged students and funding from a recent property tax increase — were on the agenda for consideration.

Columbia School Board to vote on career center construction bid

The Columbia School Board will meet Monday to talk about a construction bid and budget amendments.

Electronic speed limit signs to be installed in seven school zones

The city's plans to install electronic speed limit signs at local schools calls for making the Columbia Independent School a priority.

Columbia Public Schools in danger of losing Career Ladder program

Teachers and legislators met with the Columbia School Board on Thursday morning to discuss the Career Ladder program which is now in jeopardy.  The program gives monetary bonuses to teachers who spend time with students outside of their contractual time.

Mid-Missouri classrooms take varied approaches to airing Obama's speech

The president's address to schoolchildren Tuesday focused on the importance of commitment, hard work and extracurricular involvement. Some schools asked for parents' permission before showing the speech to students, while others let the students decide if they wanted to watch it.

Obama to students: Study hard, future depends on it

In an address to be broadcast to schools across the country, President Barack Obama will tell students that the future of the country rests on their young shoulders. According to remarks posted online Monday, the president will ask children to work hard and to never give up on school. Fearing a hidden political agenda, some groups and school districts have chosen to boycott the speech.

Mill Creek Elementary celebrates twentieth anniversary

Parents and children celebrate the school and its volunteer community.

Columbia Public Schools to make Obama speech available

The Columbia Public School District will now be able to make President Barack Obama's speech to students available to teachers districtwide via an internal network. Student participation in viewing the speech remains optional.

Missouri braces for H1N1

Officials said state departments plan to offer H1N1 vaccine to high-risk inmates and residents in mental health facilities.

Supreme Court decides in favor of current school funding formula

The Columbia School Board, which was a part of the original lawsuit, was not among those who filed the appeal with the Missouri Supreme Court.

School nutrition program integrates Missouri-grown foods

Columbia Public School District launches the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program in two elementary schools, pushing distributors for produce grown within the state.

Missouri Supreme Court upholds school funding formula

Public school districts throughout Missouri sued the state, claiming it fails to provide schools enough money and to distribute it fairly.

Columbia Independent School opens new campus

Columbia Independent School welcomed back students Tuesday to a new school year and a new campus that combines its upper and lower schools. The new facility also houses a fitness center, new-media center and "junior kindergarten" for preschool-age children.

School Board hopes tax levy increase will balance budget, pay teachers

The 4.25-cent increase will be used to compensate teachers for continuing their educations, but raises will still not reflect experience.

District sees rise in immigrant population

Seventeen different languages are spoken in the four schools that make up the Bayless School District in St. Louis County.

Columbia officials plan park to accompany new high school

In a meeting Wednesday, city and county officials discussed the need for 15 to 20 acres of land near the location of the new high school for a park.

Columbia students score above average on AP exams

High school students in Columbia had their strongest average scores in psychology, their lowest in U.S. history.