K-12 Education

Influenza contributes to student absences

An estimated 70 students were absent from Columbia Public Schools this week due to influenza, though it isn't certain how much the H1N1 strain is affecting the schools.

Missouri charter schools don't make the grade

When it comes to MAP testing, Missouri charter schools underperform compared to their public counterparts.

School district purchases Bethel street property

Columbia Public Schools isn't sure yet how the former day-care facility will be used.

Columbia public school students to receive free H1N1 vaccination

Cooperation between the Columbia School District, City Council and county agencies will provide free H1N1 vaccinations to public school students.

Two Columbia science teachers win state award

Marsha Tyson and Lorrie Askeland came to teaching via different routes, but they find common satisfaction in teaching science and watching the light bulb click on in students' minds when they understand something.

Columbia schools demonstrate excellence in financial reporting

For 27 years, Columbia Public Schools has produced award-winning financial reports. The award is not competitive, but districts must demonstrate excellence in their reports.

Columbia School Board approves new curriculum

Marching band for eighth- and ninth-graders dominated the discussion Monday evening at the Columbia School Board meeting.

No Child leaves questions behind

Columbia Public Schools had 116 students transfer this year under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. As people invested in the schools wonder to what extent the No Child act measures success, they are also trying to get their arms around the growing number of student sanctions.

School board to vote on buying property

The district is expected to consider purchasing a 60,275 foot property off of Paris road. Purchasing the property would allow the district to house its own storage and have building services operate from a central location.

Rock Bridge students participate in Artrageous Weekend event

On Friday night, a group of Rock Bridge High School students played a game of musical chairs with canvases as part of the Artrageous Weekend festivities.

Columbia high schools mark homecoming with football wins

Cool weather and damp fields didn't deter fans from cheering on their teams during football games at Hickman and Rock Bridge high schools on Friday night.

Journalists urged to use caution when reporting suicides

Suicide is a delicate issue —but one that will continue to be reported on. The Missourian's policy on running suicides, which was put in place long ago, comes down to the public element.

Hickman queen candidates host annual charity fair

Homecoming queen candidates at Hickman back charities at a fair in the commons.

Hickman, Rock Bridge high schools celebrate homecoming

Homecoming week for Hickman and Rock Bridge high schools is packed with activities, all coordinating to their "Where the Wild Things Are" and circus homecoming themes, respectively.

Columbia schools to receive money to help homeless children

Columbia Public School District has received roughly $6.5 million from various funds and in federal stimulus money. Although the district does not know exactly how all the money will be required to be spent, some money will be used for serving homeless students and enhancing technology use.

Columbia Catholic high school named for America's first black priest

Father Augustine Tolton escaped slavery in Missouri as a child during the Civil War and went on to serve as a priest in the U.S. after his education and ordination in Rome. 

DEAR READER: We want to know community schools better

Some schools aren't getting the coverage they should.

School Board committee discusses retirement incentives, cap on sick days

Superintendent Chris Belcher proposed raising sick day compensation as an incentive for teachers to notify the district earlier that they plan to retire or resign.

Siblings of children with autism connect with others at 'Sibshops'

Brothers and sisters play a unique role in the lives of their siblings with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. To help them connect with others in similar situations, two "Sibshops" will be held at MU's Thompson Center.

Columbia Public Schools honored for guidance program

The program is being recognized for helping students. The award's namesake, Norman Gysbers, teaches in MU's College of Education.